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Written on:November 25, 2013
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Improve Your Writing Skills for Best Results

Affiliate marketing is an attractive area, with a great potential for considerable income, but it’s also highly competitive. Since you want to become one of the successful few in this domain, you have to learn how to get your message across, and how to communicate effectively with your potential clients. If you’re writing your own materials, this means you have to improve your writing skills.

You surely know that you have to create detailed descriptions of your products, to explain their advantages. And, of course, each of the articles should end with a call to action. Some people may buy if the description indicates that the product is exactly what they’re looking for, but most base their purchase decisions on emotions, rather than judgment. And you can appeal to their emotions by using compelling storytelling techniques.

write for senses

Story Telling For The Senses

When people shop in a mall or department store, they use all their five senses. They can see exactly what the product looks like, but, even more, they can also smell it. This is highly relevant for some products, such as perfumes, but also for books, for instance, some people just love the smell of a new book, and so on. If there are food samples available, shoppers can also have a taste before making a purchase; they can touch the product to feel the texture, and they can hear the sound it makes – and don’t assume hearing is important only if they buy an electronic gadget. Sometimes the sound of pages turning, or of the zipper on a jacket, can become determining factors.

Online shoppers cannot use all their senses, therefore you have to recreate those sensations, by telling a story. Never underestimate the value of the emotional connection – this is often more important than functional aspects and pricing.

Don’t Be Pushy…

One of the most common mistake among affiliate marketers is to push sales very aggressively. Don’t start with a call to action, and don’t tell your clients to buy your products in the opening lines. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule – for instance, if you’re offering discounts for a limited period of time, then it makes sense to start the announcement saying that today is the best time to buy, because tomorrow the prices will go up.

In general, however, you want to focus more on developing a long-term connection and a relationship based on trust with your clients and prospects, and sales will come naturally. You’re probably not the only one offering those products, so you have to give people a good reason to buy from you, and that’s by showing that you’re trustworthy and you believe in your products.

Tell People The “Why”

Make sure you don’t make any claims that cannot be sustained. For instance, if you say “this is the very best product for your problem”, continue the paragraph by explaining why: it has a new ingredient that’s not been used before, it has been proven to be the most effective in various clinical studies, and so on.

If you have write your own materials, focus on the quality of your writing first, and worry about sales later. You may not have to worry at all, because sales may just come naturally, once your content provides sufficient value to attract clients.

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