Auto Commission System X Review- Richard Melton Tells All?

Written on:January 3, 2014
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Auto Commission System X Made Richard $221,000 Last month?

Here it is folks, the big promise of 2014 -Auto Commission System X. With 5 Minutes of work, you can receive guaranteed results within 24 hrs, or you get Richard Melton’s $500 straight from his PayPal account, simply because you proved him wrong.

If this sounds too good to be true, then it probably is…

This video presentation confused me a little, simply because the system he uses (not created by him) has made Richard Melton $27,352 in his first month of implementation. He was introduced to this system by one of his students (apparently he has helped 5000 students achieve at least $1000 online) and is extending that same promise with 40 people maximum, who apply the step by step Auto Commission System X system today.

Auto Commission System X

Auto Commission System X Originally $1000 per pop!

Richard planned on releasing his system to only 40 people at approximately $1000 per purchase. He has since then decided to give it away for 100% free, to the same 40 people and for a limited time. This is where it all breaks down to me..

Why only 40 people?

Not sure why only 40 people are getting this for free, I can bet you $1000’s of dollars, that many more will gain access, so why come up with an absurd limit? Here is the real big kicker, and you should watch the video again, and listen carefully. He shows proof of income (Clickbank screenshots) he also mentions he did this all without a website and hosting etc… Then the first thing you are introduced to in his system, is a domain and hosting purchase that will run you $80 plus! I don’t have an issue with hosting and domains, I do have a problem when you say one thing and do another. Clickbank sells digital products, so what does Binary options trading have to do with this??

Its confusing to me…and if you’re program is about Trading, then don’t show screenshots that have ZERO to do with trading!

Cloud Pro Hosting Scam?

This seems to be the name of the hosting and domain service you are asked to purchase from upon entering Manchestor UK’s Richard Melton system. Not sure if its worth it. They say they will build you a complete website, but that doesn’t cover the traffic (people who will buy from you=money in your pocket).

I’m confused…

But maybe you can shed some light on this Auto Commission System X. If you have bought, or thinking of buying, let us know what you think, as your comments are Important to all who visit my site.

Check Out The Video Once Again By Clicking Here

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  1. sajid ali says:

    i am confused i cant understand about this system and i cant find any review about this so confused

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