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Written on:October 6, 2014
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Auto Mobile Code Truth

Before you buy this crap (highly recommend you don’t) There is something you should know about most Internet Marketing Programs. Most will make you ZERO Money, and prey off your ignorance. Auto Mobile Code is a prime example of deceptive sales techniques (b.s in this case) designed to make the desperate people (down on their luck) believe in the magic pill, or secret push button system.

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Giovani Leoni– I’m not sure if he is a real person, but I can honestly tell you (without buying the automobile program) that this guy is NOT who he says he is, and I think he is simply an actor paid some money to read a script and make it believable. I don’t want you to believe me about Auto Mobile scam, instead I want you to post your review, as I showed in my video down below about the Automobile money making program. Please be honest, and share your thoughts on this program and any other money making venture you’ve been a part of, and the results (or lack of results) you got in return. I have also included a direct link to Auto Mobile Code for those that require a second look.

My AutoMobile Code Video Rant



–>Link To Auto Mobile Sales PageĀ 



Dean Goncalves

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  1. Lee B says:

    Got an email about this program wanted to get it but changed my mind not buying it for a dime.

  2. Ayobami says:

    Wanna be sure about this shortcut code before i actually go into it. In my quest to find the truth about it i found out the name Giovani leoni isn’t the same person in the video. I think that was a makeup video to really scam us. Well i might be wrong and that’s why I’m here to know the truth. X

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Many programs use actors to protect the identity of the actual people. (they do it in Hollywood)..But with most of these programs, there are no actual people , only imaginary. Good luck, and thanks for your comment!

  3. K.D says:

    These people are awful, I was just a little too curious and blinded. I was actually told I could get my cash refunded when a customer service rep called me. I asked for it back and now I get automated emails. It’s almost impossible to speak with a live person. They need to be shut down!!!!!

    Unsatisfied and scammed!

  4. Nigel Boney says:

    That was a close call! Nearly fell for it but something seemed “too good to be true”. The reference to “actors” being used made me very sceptical. Classic case of if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Thanks.

  5. Debbie says:

    Are there any programs out there that actually WORK???I have tried a bunch of them,only to have to fight to get my money back.I am trying to make a living (or @ this point even $1)online,only to come across b.s. “push button software” that does not work!I have no problems putting in the work,as long as there are directions or training on what to do.Help please?

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Few and far in between. waiting for Options Domination..Its almost here, do a search on my blog for it. Its what I highly recommend your next venture be. Good luck

  6. Peter B. says:

    yes in these times everyone looks for that fleece with the gold limning. but the hard truth is it’s usually a fake or dream.If there is a truly good system out there it would either be free or a commission payed to the creator not out right purchase and your on your own with the loss of spent time and money.I personally hate those blood suckers who pray on people’s bad luck. So if anyone thinks of getting into something do your home work and open your eyes and ears!

  7. Andrea Grey says:

    I’ve been scammed 20 plus times now I more than broke currently trying binary with cvc options another scam is there anything out there that works

  8. Natalie says:

    I made it half way through the video, and decided to turn it off, and look them up. I’m glad I found you. I was just looking for something I could do making money at home, and was sent their e-mail. Like they say, if it’s sounds too good to be true, then it is. I don’t think you should have to pay for something to make money, if it’s legitimate, then take it out of my first pay check, and I didn’t like the idea of them wanting an account to send money to. I was scammed years ago by one of those “envelop stuffing” scams. Like I said, I’m glad I found you.

  9. Sab says:

    I’m late to the game but I saw this just now on Craigslist (first red flag) don’t know why but decided to check it out. I don’t know why I watched as much as I did because the whole time I wanted to roll my eyes. First off they were clearly over acting. Secondly they kept saying that you get it from cell phones but did not explain where this money would come from. So these cell phones just automatically generate money? K. Plus the Gio dude had shifty eyes and no one really asked questions. They just instantly became a believer. Finally they tell you this bullcrap about how it’s invitation only. What I can’t understand is why they have to waste my time with this hour long video. If I was the type to scam people I would just tell you my bogus method right away that way I’d get the money faster. I still can’t believe I watched so many mins of this video when I should be asleep but I guess I just wanted to believe that for once I have a reason to be positive…everytime I look into ways to make money I just get disappointed. It’s really stupid they have these get rich quick schemes when I’m not even looking for that, just looking for a way to make a decent income and that’s an impossible dream.

  10. Peter says:

    Thanks for your research, I am glad I found you before I would have made a dumb move.I just wish the the world would come crashing down on these bastards.! They are like vultures cruising around and waiting to see a kill!

  11. Peter says:

    “if it is too good to be true, then it isn’t. This quote should be the foundation of all Scam Alerts research. Whenever I see Million dollar mansions, yachts and 100 thousand dollar cars on their solicitations sites, that alone will set off an alarm for me right off the bat

  12. Mary says:

    Hi Dean,

    What is the options domination you previously mentioned please?

    Thanks am looking forward to hearing about it.

    Kind regards

  13. Karen says:

    Thanks so much Dean for your information. I was almost taken in by the video, then decided to ask about the program online. I am 63 and disabled and desperate to find something I can do at home to make money. If I hadn’t found you, my livelyhood could have been taken away from me with just a click of a mouse. Thanks again.

  14. Mervyn says:

    Awful acting by “Giovani” and “Tessa” gives the scam away immediately, there is a saying “a fool and his money are soon parted”, anyone who is gullible and foolish enough to believe this crap actually works must be completely devoid of any intelligence.

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