Automated Income App Review By Bryan Miller

Written on:November 8, 2013
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Automated Income App Another Scam?

I know you are visiting this review in hopes of getting some solid answers to your biggest questions about the newly released Automated Income App by Bryan Miller.Let me help you understand a fundamental truth about these Binary options trading programs.

Have you seen the video yet?

automated Income App video

Talk about in your face…Bryan Miller (automated income app creator) more or less lets you know straight up, that he doesn’t play around, and all these other programs are nothing but scams…Telling you they are wrong for charging you money etc..

He is giving his system (Automated Income App software) away for free, just because he’s sick of all those so called gurus taking advantage of the ignorant  (you). Sound familiar?

Let me enlighten you.. Binary trading revolves around the concept of buying low and selling high.. There are some advantages to this kind of trading where i’ve highlighted a few in another program (so many lately) called Same Day Profits and there is really no point in repeating myself.

It’s pretty simple…

If you have no money to invest, don’t get this..Usually require minimum of $200 to get in the game, and that’s for starters. So while the system and software might be free, the way you generate money, is by investing (your money) into binary trading. No scam here…it’s just how this works.

I will say this though… Even though you may have the money to invest in this type of trading, don’t expect these CRAZY numbers Brian Miller shares in the video, they are based on too much HYPE..

Realistic expectations… If you dedicate yourself, learn a little about trading (training provided), can bear to lose money by trying…and are able to commit your time to making it work, then this might work for you. BUT don’t buy, unless you are going to give it 100% effort.

Is The Only Company I Can Trade With?

There are many trading companies, and looks like Bryan has a preference again, like all the others , a company called Global Trader 365, which you can search for  by typing “globaltrader365 website” into your browser, or better yet, just visit . By the way, Bryan’s software will only work with this company.

Recently I bought such a program, but this one was for a new online trading program, which involved currency, but in this case a brand new currency called the Bitcoin. To make a long story short..I literally doubled my money, and am very happy with the purchase.

This program Automated Income App (although it has a hype type video) might be another good program to buy, but don’t just buy it…apply what you learn, and give it your best shot.

Who knows, you may just find success. If you do, then do us a favor and let us know, how much you made with Automated Income App….I’m sure many would like to know.

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6 Comments add one

  1. Tyler says:

    Im sick of these programs not working, seems like im wasting time, and never getting paid.

  2. sharyn says:

    This program is crap, it just doesn’t work like he says.

  3. john says:

    is it applicable in countries like kenya?

  4. Elias Tofoli says:

    Over 70 transactions I am just giving up as I just lost almost all I invested. Really disappointed with the application that promised winning but just delivered loosing after all.

    I can transcript here all my operations without any issue.

    I am really disappointed.

  5. Lional Kendall says:

    Anyone else notice that the “Live Feed” is down?
    This makes the program “dead in the water”.

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