Commission Blockbuster Review Of Jack Anderson From Clairemont San Diego

Written on:October 21, 2013
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Commission Blockbuster & Jack Anderson Scam?

Commission Blockbuster ReviewWell let me tell you this video on the Commission Blockbuster site, has impressed me tremendously. The person who is narrating the whole story (and it sounds good) is a fellow by the name Jack Anderson.

Jack Anderson From Clairemont San Diego?

I highly doubt that a Jack Anderson actually exists, but I guess it was his tone, and cut to the chase attitude, that really “hypnotized” me in to thinking he was a genuine character, and believable. His story (good enough for Hollywood) sounded so dear to the heart of all of us, that have tried online marketing and failed.. that this time I really wanted to believe that there is such a thing as “The Network” as Jack exclaims… BUT, The more “the story” revealed itself, the more it sounded like all the rest.

Jack Anderson Earnings

I searched online for “Jack Anderson Retired High School Teacher ”
like so many of you probably did…. And

After completing a search for a Jack Anderson, and NOTHING, NADA, Zilch came up… Maybe that’s how you found me and my blog, BUT nothing on the actual Jack Anderson 57 year old, ex reformed gambler, retired high school teacher , and of late Secret Millionaire after running across a Powerful clan of Internet Marketers on the strips of Vegas, who felt sorry for Jack and his misfortune, and literally handed him a flash drive with “The Network” secret buried inside it, after partying all night with the Hip character we heard on the video (sounded like a cool dude actually)

Commission Blockbuster Busts Balls On A 190 Billion Dollar Cash Pie?

These are Jack’s words, and while you may not be aware of the huge potential, he’s not far off. There are always people searching for easier ways to make a quick buck, and thisĀ phenomenon will NEVER stop! …BUT.. Is it really that easy?

Commission Blockbuster Student Clement Edwards

I just want to say, from someone who has been in your shoes on the outside looking in, IT never is as easy as people make it out to be, and your chances of success in ANY…That’s right ANY program, is highly unlikely.

Why is that you ask?

Because just like these programs promise BIG rewards, for little work, (wrong!)

You as well are to blame, because your chances are slim to none, because YOU DON’T have what it takes to succeed, and it’s about time someone told it to you straight.

I have been dealing with many people over the years, and with most (not all) it’s the same song and dance. They try something for a day, and soon after QUIT, because they don’t know how to succeed, or are “too LAZY” to make anything work.

Are You A “Opportunity Seeker, NOT Person OF ACTION?

Take for example this post I’m writing, if this post makes it to the first page of Google, I will be receiving at times over 200 unique visitors (people like you) per day on autopilot until the big dogs (marketers with big lists, who send out emails) stop sending traffic.

Of all those 200 visitors per day, maybe ONE actually buys the program you are reading about ( Regardless of what I have to say) and those that don’t (199 unique daily visitors)…Don’t take me up on MY own system that is 100% free, and will help them succeed.

Why don’t they? BECAUSE… They don’t have the “Success attitude” it takes to really make money online, instead they complain, and have excuses, and focus on the problems, instead of the solutions… If that’s YOU, stop searching for online miracles, and get focused on some self-esteem principles that might give you a foot to stand on.

Commission Blockbuster Conclusion

If you like to dream BIG, and think anything is possible, maybe this program might teach you a thing or two. It doesn’t hurt to try new things, and Take a chance.

I will say this…

“If you don’t try, you’ll NEVER know..” and what you learn in the REAL world, will help you move forward ( It did me) as long as you aren’t a QUITTER. Can’t quit if you Never Start…

>>Click To Check out the video<<

and whole Commission Blockbuster program and if you are going to do it…Then DO IT!!

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