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Written on:June 27, 2013
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Is Empower Network The Real Deal?

d-woodI’m going to love sharing with you a piece of my mind about the Empower Network and their complete blogging system. I will share with you the pro’s of the highly ranked Alexa site & platform, and as well as the cons. I hope you can share your experience as well (good or bad).

Your views and opinions being shared below this post Re: (your experiences) is greatly appreciated.



Lets Start With Making Money With Empower Network.

That’s the reason you’re here right?..NOT to find out more about the founders David Wood And David Sharpe, but instead you want to know…Can I make money with the Empower Network?

It’s not that difficult to see that making money with Empower (EN) is possible, they release an income disclosure with every marketing piece they send out. In there you will see many people having success with the program where they failed in others.

Is The Empower Network Saturated?

I know one of the biggest reasons people are a little reluctant to join, is because they feel it is over saturated already… BUT that isn’t true. With the current global recession, and lack of quality jobs, many people are seeking other avenues, and many are tapping into their¬†entrepreneurial spirit, where destiny is in their hands not left to someone who treats you as a number and not really a valuable asset.

The opportunity is and will always be present, and I think it’s something like 10,000 new people joining Empower Network on a monthly basis. The big question is, are you going to be one of those affiliates who shares the opportunity (makes money with EN) or simply watch those who take action claim the 10,000 new members this month?

I don’t have a list…Everyone who made it had a list before they joined!

While this may be the truth for many affiliates within the company, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same kind of results today, as they have yesterday… Case in point, I am also an affiliate for Empower Network, and while I had a list (small one, & not really responsive) I started sharing the blogging platform of tools, by…You guessed it..Blogging, just like I’m doing here. Blogging is a very powerful way of making connections to a targeted audience, if you know your audience, and write directly to them. The trick and problem is….Google ( A bloggers major traffic source) is constantly changing, and making it harder for bloggers to maintain a spot in the S.E.R.P.S ( Search Engine Results Pages) and therefore, it can be at times…Discouraging. BUT.. The good point is, when traffic is flowing, it is FREE, and can be at times, highly converting (money maker)

To be continued Good & bad…

I will elaborate on my views. and trust me…Much more to come…


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  1. D.S says:

    Where’s the rest? Lol I have been a part of Empower Network since February. I don’t think its a scam at all. I haven’t made thousands upon thousands of dollars due to the fact that I haven’t put in that much effort.

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