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Written on:February 3, 2014
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Ez Cash Creator Really Easy?

EZ Cash CreatorTravis Stephenson (the real product creator) of Ez Cash Creator has come out with a new software,where by the narrator in the video (Mark Anthony)claims has earned him tens of thousands of dollars online. The story is based on his fathers “secret” money earning program that he developed and wanted to pass down to his offspring upon his departure. You will notice many testimonials on the video from what seems to be “average” people, who claim to have made their first “real money” from the use of Ez Cash creator, where they claim it was in fact “easy to make.”

What Is The Ez Cash Creator Software

I know you are probably wondering what exactly does this software achieve, as like most products, they don’t really tell you how it works, or why it works, just continually stress that it works. This is fact is what we call a “blind offer” and one should always be weary of these type of offers, because you should always do your Due diligence before buying any money making program, especially one that really doesn’t tell you what its about.

Here’s why I Believe in this software

Firstly, I want to just inform you, that I did not buy this program, but while doing my research, have come to understand what this software does, and why I like it. I just want to say that this is fairly new, but not “brand new” as a matter of fact, I had a programmer design me a program that does what this software does, and possibly even better. In brief, it is a Banner ad creator, where by you can place your banner on top of relevant and Hot trending news articles on the web, that are happening at the moment. It doesn’t allow you to post directly onto the news article itself, but creates a special link that actually appears its on the real site, but it really isn’t.

EZ Cash Creator Example

The banner appears in a much more “click-able fashion” usually a popup as seen above. The strong appeal of this type of ad, is if you actually understand marketing, you can place unique banners targeting the particular reader of that news story, and chances of them clicking on it are greater. The link associated with the banner would obviously be an affiliate link, and you would get paid an affiliate commission if they bought the program. You still have to place your Special link in front of people (like Facebook) and that’s pretty much how it works in simple form.

Will This EZ Cash Creator Program Work For Me?

Like I previously said, I designed a program (I think even better then this one) to capitalize on this technology. So yes, it will work, BUT…Not at all like the claims they make. I mean the claims of making thousands and thousands literally overnight is ridiculous, and one shouldn’t expect those kind of results.

Claimed To Make $10,00 In A Week...

Claimed To Make $10,00 In A Week…

Is EZ Cash Free Or A Scam?

Its not a scam in terms of taking your money and not giving you anything in terms of product, but it’s not free (most things in life aren’t). The software will run you $49 for a one campaign deal (not effective to only run one campaign) With this, you will get a $75 Google Ad-words coupon that you can use, in some fashion to drive traffic. You will also need a domain, and hosting. I’m hoping its not mandatory to have to go through his hosting that he suggests called “Coolhandle” but if you do, then expect to pay minimum $179.40 per year for the hosting package. In conclusion: Never get a program with high expectations of high returns with little or no work. Always strive to learn and apply what you have learned with hard work and perseverance. Nothing in life comes easy, but some things are easier then others. If you are thinking about getting this and making money, do it, but don’t forget…Getting it, and DOING IT, are two very much different things. 😉

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