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Written on:March 9, 2013
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EZ Money Formula Real?

Mack Ez Money FormulaAfter much debate and wait, the Ez Money Formula was finally released to the special waiting list of Mr Mack Zidan late Friday before the clock struck midnight. I know you are probably wondering with a title that I posted here…Is this in fact a good system, and will it make YOU money? Firstly, I must say..Even though my post title reads a little harsh  “SUCKS BIG TIME” I back my words 100%!

Not a newbie at making money online

Let me explain…You see, Mack Zidan is not a newcomer to the whole internet business, he started working on his craft shortly after he finished his schooling. I am sure he has seen his fair share of scams and illegitimate “opportunities” but after much trial and tribulation ( only way to learn online) he decided to master the art of direct response marketing, and over the years, has become a master of converting people from prospects to customers.

Looking for Money Formula?

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Top earner shares his system to online success

He has become one of the Top earners in a hugely successful program called Empower Network, and heeggs basket himself states that if you want security in these unpredictable times we live in, you need to leverage the Internet with as much automation as possible, and never place all your eggs in one basket. Therefore, multiple streams of income is the only way to make a lot of money online, and somewhat protect yourself from the demise of certain opportunities that you may have been loyal to, but had no choice to shut down (not profitable) and leave you and your loyal following in the dust.. Picking up the pieces.

System is a scam?

So… The statement is 100% true, and I agree with Mac’s philosophy to a degree. Which is why after waiting nearly two months, his newest program was released, and I can honestly say… “It Sucks Big Time!” If you’ve already signed up with the programs that he promotes within his system with someone else, who doesn’t own the same system that has made him Thousands of dollars in a short period of time.

Programs within the EZ Money Formula System

Whats The Good News?

Well, if you haven’t joined GVO yet…then you can get this FREE EZ Money Formula system today, and seriously start producing results in literally hours. I call it the “Piggy back strategy” and it’s based on a simple principle. Utilize the authority of a successful person by leveraging his success, and system, as your own. By partnering with him, you gain a story (perfect for newbies) even though you may not be successful just yet. And be able to promote the same system that he used to make millions online.

Should I seek Mack directly to sign up under him?

automationWhile this sounds like a logical thing to do, I hate to say it, but ..whether you join him direct or not, it wont make a difference.. You see, we all have access to the same training and tools that he personally uses, and provides his direct referrals. If you actually knew Mack, you would realize that, he is not a fan of talking on phone, and discussing anything unless, someone pays him money..Can you blame him? He got into this business to achieve financial & TIME Freedom (probably same reason you want in right?) and being stuck on a phone answering questions that his automated system already answers is ridiculous and not part of the overall strategy agreed?

I agree with Mack Zidan’s philosophy, BUT..I am also not quite as successful as he, so I have a little more time to help people who may need a little extra hand. This system is just what the doctor ordered, and if you are serous about making money online..Then this is a no brain-er!

Jump on board, and find out what the EZ Money Formula craze is all about by==> clicking here now!

If you are already part of the Empower Network business and NOT yet part of the GVO, and Pure Leverage business model, and you are seeking a Kick ass strategy and want to use this system…Reach out to me personally by ==> adding me on Facebook.

I have a plan..and powerful idea, but you must act quick..This system is going to be providing many of you a solid steady Income…I want YOU to be one of those successful people.

EZ Money doesn’t mean Easy Money

Sometimes I laugh.. People send me emails, where I just scratch my head trying to understand the psychology behind their thinking. Ive basically summed it up in this picture of a “similar” message, from folks that are letting the pennies get in front of the nickels. Is this you?..If it is, you need to take control, and make a decision.. If something is good..FIND A make it happen PERIOD!

business opportunity letter


Join me in the EZ Money Formula System, and I will give you a free popup plugin (worth $45plus) Yours Today ZERO cost! Trust me..It gets me opt ins and makes me money. You can use it for video, images, and even full websites. To view it…Simply move your mouse off the page..and it will popup…Cool hey

As well I provide you with a Powerful Facebook strategy that can bring you the leads you need into your Ez Money system. I understand that many of you don’t have much money, and require marketing methods that require very little or no money. Well the Facebook strategy we use to find Unlimited prospects is 100% free. It will require effort on your part, but it’s perfect if your marketing budget is low.

I have also provided the team with some step by step instructions to get their business up and going quickly, and I’m seeing growth (meaning people who Ive signed up, bringing in other people)

The timing for this new launch couldn’t be any more perfect. Many people aren’t sure what EZ money is..but it really is simple to understand. It’s a FREE system, that you use to automatically promote 3 programs within it. GVO, Pure Leverage, & Empower Network. I see some search terms, where people are typing into Google “EZ Money Formula Scam” … People, it’s NOT a scam, its a simple FREE system, that you use to promote 3 other programs from other companies. EZ Money DOESN’T have a product, Its a tool designed for you to be able to promote 3 different products at once, and it’s FREE.

so..In no way is it a scam. I hope that clears up the confusion.

Yours In Success,


SECRET EZ TRAFFIC SOURCE Co-opClosed for limited time

People ask me..Should I Participate in all 3 programs?.. I say..YES!!!

Why?…Here is just one screenshot of ONE WEEK Bonus I got..From a $10 a month program.

You do the math… My Co-ops work..and the proof is in the pudding!

My NEW system==>>

GVO weekly Leaderboard Dino



Dean Goncalves

Dean is a Full-Time marketer who enjoys helping people help themselves. Truth: "Get Rich Quick"..Really Means "Get Poor Fast!" If you want to SERIOUSLY make money online..Read More & LEARN!

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EZ Money Formula Review | SUCKS BIG TIME! | Mack Zidan Program SKU UPC Model


May 03, 2013 by Dominic Cruz

What happens if I am not part of empower, gvo, pure, etc? but I am still curious to see how I will do with this. I just joined RippLn back in march, does that mean anything?

Response: Then you join Z and those programs from within. This Video will explain EVERYTHING

I have a question

Apr 14, 2013 by Leo

I signed up for your program about two weeks ago. But I'm STUCK ! I'm not sure about the things I have to do and what has to be done to get this going. Do I have to sell products? Is it making money by simple advertisements?

Response: I know for a didn\'t sign up under me..I send out my team members several emails..I don\'t chase people around..So if you cant make the effort to connect with me..So I can gve you access to my training...then I cant help you!..Again..Don\'t recognize your I cant help you . The EZ Money a system, and only as good as the people in it.. Yep! much as people want to keep the \"person\" element out...we can\'t..because people buy from people they know and trust. In the end..ITS a PEOPLE business. The just one portion of the big picture.

What exactly is EZ Money Formula

Apr 12, 2013 by Rob G

I feel like the big thing all the videos are shying away from is what exactly am I selling. I keep coming across videos that explain the tools (Pure leverage, Empower) that simply involve recruiting members to create residual income (through their monthly payments that you also did when signing up through "person A"). I truly want to believe that this is worth signing up for but the overall picture I'm getting is to sign up then recruit (pyramid). What exactly is it that I'm marketing/selling besides the same product I am paying monthly for?

Response: I have answered this question..not once ...not twice..but several times.. NOT sure what you don\'t get..its as plain as day..look at my replies..and your answer is there. I promote TOOLS for other marketers...if you are in another business..then the Pure Leverage suite is perfect for you to venture on the online marketplace. You don\'t need to become a can simply use the tools.BUT..don\'t expect to make any need to be a reseller to do, I hope you see..why most want to become resellers...A. So they can have their tools for free..B. so they can make money by sharing with others.

NEGATIVE thoughts wont give you POSITIVE results... Besides..What else you have planned to change your current financial situation?

Killing It!!

Mar 26, 2013 by Dean

Guys..This is just too good!..I have to give my own review. I have been using EZ money Formula \"Macks\" new program, and getting multiple signups..NOT only into one program but sometimes all three! What this means, is by promoting one link, I make multiple streams of income WITHOUT doing any MORE work!

LOVE IT... BUT for my team, I have added yet one more element to this puzzle, and its converting even more people into opt-ins. If you join my team, you will get this much needed improvement. If you are in Empower already, but are NOT in my Empower team..Like I said..No worries..Join GVO & PURE leverage through me, and I will support you the same. You will end up getting more Empower signups, and TWO other income streams..

In this industry TIMING is everything.. Wait a few more months..and it will be harder, NOW..The water is perfect!.. GET IN while its hot!!

3.0 5.0 4 4 What happens if I am not part of empower, gvo, pure, etc? but I am still curious to see how I will do with this. I just joined RippLn back in march, does that mean anything? EZ Money Formula Review | SUCKS BIG TIME! | Mack Zidan Program

74 Comments add one

  1. MARK HOUCK says:

    Hey Dean,
    Just a Happy Easter Wish To You And Your Family

    …. Mark Houck ….
    The EZ Money Team

    - I Joined Your Team! “Late Last Night”
    – - – - What A Great Opportunity – - – -

  2. Juan says:

    This is Juan Barriga, ive watched the EZ money formula video from a guy named Mark, and i did some research and ive landed here and Dean Concalves sent me an email of EZ money formula which happens to be you, i know that we have to buy into GVO and other websites but how is the money being generated? Im in MLM and i understand some of the basics of generating income? feel free to contact me.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      I never worry how money is generated..LOL..leave that to the companies, they have it all figured out. Just don’t waste too much time debating…Very few understand just what this opportunity is, and how it could change their lives..He who works hard now, will reap the rewards soon.. Connect with me on Facebook, and lest get you going ASAP!

  3. Tim says:

    How does EZ Money members make money? What exactly are you selling?

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      We are promoting 3 programs GVO, Pure Leverage, & Empower.. Im in ALL 3 of them, and they are ALL great..PLUS you make 3 streams of Income, by simply sharing ONE link. less work, more money :)

  4. eric says:

    When joining the ez money formula is their training having to do the the individual programs. Just say for example if someone needs help with setup a blog with empower…. Question 2. Do we have to go all in with all of the programs or can work are way slowly into all of them far as the basic levels.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      They have some training..BUT quite honestly, I haven’t visited myself..I actually provide my own different Facebook Training, and it is quite effective. I also provide my team with a different set of capture pages, that leads to Ez Money.. If I see an issue or problem, I don,t wait around..I try to fix it, and you will benefit from that. To answer the question about joining all the programs..I understand that sometimes money is tight, and I always what you can afford, not what you feel comfortable with…Being uncomfortable, gives you a reason to get serious!..So my recommendation is do the max you can..seriously though..A commitment of $100/month is nothing, for starting your own business…

      Here are the costs MINIMUM Cost of programs

      GVO $10/month
      Pure Leverage $25/month
      Pure Leverage affiliate fee $20/month
      Empower Network $25/month
      Empower Network affiliate fee $20/month

      Basic Level on all three programs $100/month

      EZ Money Formula to promote ALL 3 at once – >>FREE<<

  5. Tim says:

    This is what I’m confused about:

    So if you referred one member today, you will earn 100% of the money, which will be $25. And each month this member keeps their service, you will earn $12.50 residual every month. Now let’s say you refer 10 people, you will earn $250 and get $125 per month for as long as they keep their membership.

    How is that right? There’s no product being sold. You’re having people sign under you and you receive their money then they repeat what you did. Again, they’re not paying for a product. They’re paying to sign up. You continue to gy paid by their money as long as they keep their membership. You don’t find anything wrong with that? Or am I missing something?

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      First off..thanks for your comment. But you really need to do a little more research.PLENTY of products being sold.
      In regards to Ez money, its simple to explain…It’s a marketing system..Its free, and its job is to help you market (currently 3)products at once instead of 1. It is legit, or I wouldn’t be in it… Hopefully this answers your biggest question.

      • Rachael says:

        Tim you are absolutely right. basically it is a pyramid scheme all wrapped up in chocolate. they don’t want you to see that it is because hey who likes pyramid schemes? So when you ask them a question like this directly they beat around the bush and make you feel stupid because you asked this question. it’s not anything else, you make money off if people who sign up for this and they make money off of people who sign up for them, so on and so forth. Whom ever wrote this post is actually doing a specific technique to get you to sign up under him. You probably were wanting to know if this was actually real right? and searched it in google or whatever and this one caught your eye. So he gets you engaged in his opinion and then bam gives you a link to have you sign up under him. That’s how it works and I feel like someone should not candy coat it for people, tell them right out what it is be honest like we SHOULD be and see where that gets you .

        • Dean Goncalves says:

          I’m going to address this person directly..I could have simply deleted this comment, but instead like to bring it out in the open. This person has ABSOLUTELY NO..idea what they are talking about, and have probably NEVER made a cent online. I stated the facts, and they are true. If this was illegal, or a scam..It would have been brought down years ago..GVO has been around for a while..and IF this person is referring to EZ money..then they even know less. It is FREE, how can it possibly be a scam??.. No money is taken when you join EZ money Formula. Simply IGNORANCE..and then to discourage others from wanting to change their life…SHAME on you…just because you are Skeptical, DON’T teach others to be skeptical.. Simply go back to your JOB..and stay away from the Internet and business opportunities. I think I am pretty clear when I say.. EVERYONE has an opinion..AND as well a choice. Don’t listen to complainers and those who are negative..Change in your life can ONLY come if you start becoming POSITIVE…And propel yourself to those things which others say ..IS IMPOSSIBLE.. They are LYING!..

          • Brandon says:

            You still completely avoided the question even if the person was being “ignorant” or “skeptical.” They feel this way because of your evasiveness.

          • Dean Goncalves says:

            Im not sure which question I completely avoided? Be a little more specific please. that WordPress approved it, I actually see the original question.

            I didnt avoid the question..I just cant explain something that is so fundamentally simple.. He says..There’s no real product..and we simply recruit people. If there were no product, then I, and many others wouldn’t be able to send out emails, to host our domains, to have web conferences…You see, He lost me right there and then, and I see that he needed to educate himself first. So answering one part of the question, is irrelevant because he doesn’t believe in the concept originally.

  6. Jamaal Evans says:

    I have 3 celeb friends (2 NFl, 1 NBA) they can bring a lot of traffic and a lot of sign-ups, no doubt!

    How do I get started?
    send me an email

  7. Roberto Davis says:

    Im in the EZ Money Formula and i really jus need to get started because im in other companies where i need all three of my sites and links exposed to leads into SALES, i really jus need to get set up TODAY preferablly..but EZ money is the way to go..step out the comfprt zone ppl.. Dean, any suggestions..?

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Yep..Just sign up..take the plunge..don’t have fear.. It is up to you..but how will you know..Unless you try?..Did send you an email..BUT you didn’t reply..hopefully you got in..and in my team ;)

  8. l says:

    how can u get ppl to join your team b/c if u cant convince ppl to join ur basically losing $100 a month. so far ive only seen ppl promoting this system themselves like u with this website and ur facebook page, when do the system promote for u

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      The system..doesn’t promote for you…that’s YOUR job. is involved..So does that make the system useless?..Well..why not go out and create your own capture pages..your own autoresponder messages..get a responder set up.. Create your own videos..(hopefully they have authority and success) and then.. Well I think you get the picture. Its worth every penny!..Wait…I’m sorry..its not even being sold for a penny..I almost forgot.It’s FREE..and the funny part is..People still complain..LOL

  9. Rob G says:

    What exactly is the system? Why does it seem like the actual product itself is simply just signing up then recruiting. By signing up what are we actually marketing/selling and given access to? I feel every video/blog I’ve came across is shying away from that and only giving the perspective that you will make money by recruiting and getting others to pay a monthly fee (income stream = monthly fees = residual income). Give me a better idea of what exactly I’m selling/marketing and that I will not just be signing up to get others to sign up to actually see a return on my investment like everything else out there. PLEASE DON’T DELETE

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Its a FREE marketing tool. Inside you will see three programs that will allow you to make in most cases 100% commissions. BUT the EZ MONEY system is a FREE marketing tool. If you don’t have any lead capture pages or messages to send out to prospects..or no idea what you are doing..they even have training within…AS well..I provide my team with my own training. Its a blend of affiliate marketing and MLM (multi level marketing/Network marketing)

      To be honest with you..I LOVE IT!!! I get people signing up for all three programs without me talking to them..How?..because of the EZ MONEY system..its designed to work for me..while I’m out playing…ITS what we call..”LEVERAGE” and is why I got involved in the Internet in the first place..TO work less..and make more. I hope that makes sense…Take care.

      • Eric Jones says:

        Hi Dean, I’m a bit confused about your article. I’m no pulitzer prize author but you seem to contradict your title and original stance on the subject. You state EZ Money system sucks or our you saying the system being offered by Mr. Zidan sucks which is the Ez System through his capture pages? By default wouldn’t this mean you are actually saying the EZ system actually sucks? For those of you confused the system its what you call a multilevel marketing campaign another name as Rachel put is pyramid scheme. Notice how I did not say scam! Its a legitimate way to make money online, think Marie Kay, Avon, Team, if you are confused. Dean you keep say this system is free. I agree with Mike. The system is not free. The sign up to the system is free, but you have to pay money for the differnt sotware packages, trainings, etc which qualify you to earn a commission. If you only purchase the software suite from say Pure leverage, which yes has all the tools you need as an affiliate marketer you pay $25. Not bad at all but you receive no comission unless you pay the extra $20 per month to receive 50% of the comission from selling the software sweet to someone else.

        • Dean Goncalves says:

          Firstly….thanks for the comment..As far as the title goes..I NEVER contradict myself..If you understood marketing..its the sizzle that sells..I am only interested in getting you to click from Google to my blog..and it are here…if you actually read the would see a sentence that states..”Its sucks, if you DONT have this system”, I am in fact correct when i make that statement.

          Re: system being FREE…again, you are wrong!..the system is 100% free. I have explained it numerous times..just read the comments again..Its designed to promote other affiliate programs..which are NOT free, cause then how would you make money..Money from impossible..BUT my statement again is 100% right, and yours is 100% wrong..

          The system is FREEEEEEEEE!!!! Go through it..and if you are never asked to pay any money, and get a working system at the end..thats what i call FREE. Will you make any money with it?..NOOO!!! because its main purpose is to promote 3 (currently) affiliate programs.. BUT the whole system, training Vidos, free..and it has made me $1,000′s of dollars already.. I speak from experience, you I think speak from speculation.. anyway..Good luck, and thanks

  10. mike says:

    not to offend you but the program is not free… the formula to the program is free I get that but it still costs $100.00 and quite honestly as a blue collard American $100.00 is a bill paid to us… don’t get me wrong I understand what you’re saying there is no such thing as making money without doing some sort of work and I for one and willing as I would like to start bringing in some more income… and I am interested in the program… but what am I doing here?? Just trying to get people signed for these 3 programs? What do these programs offer? the site I was referred to tells you nothing without first signing you up… meaning if I sign up and decide I don’t like the programs then I just spent $100.00 for information I don’t want to use… again I am still interested in this program so don’t take my comments to offence just trying to get some questions answered as I am not in the mood to waste my time and money on another get rich quick scheme…

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Hey Mike… NOT sure why you say the MARKETING program is NOT free?.. I am in it..I would know.. Its is 100% free!.. Its to promote 3 other programs..which has absolutley nothing to do with EZ money. The other programs..are all needed to market online. If you were ever trying to start an online business..Both GVO and Pure leverage would have you covered…You wouldn’t need any other tools to become successful. The have everything..lead capture software..EVERYTHING..under one roof! The biggest tool online marketers need and an autoresponder…Like Aweber..which will cost you $70 just to match the amount of subscribers you will have with Pure Leverage…$70!!!! NOT $25.

      So you can see there is incredible value in these tools. As well..The other program is Empower Network..Which is a blogging platform..And some very specialized training..that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You would have to upgrade to these levels like the Inner circle which is an extra $100/month,
      of Costa Rica intensive $500..What about the 15k formula.. Which will run you another $1000 one time..etc.

      To end this…you mention blue collar worker.. This is for those who want to start their own business…NOT have a boss..Maybe you are used to having people tell you what to do…BUT this gives you the freedom..To tell others what to do. YOUR OWN business!

      This is and should only be approched by serious people..who want change..and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it…If its YOU…then decide …and take ACTION…That the only way..ANYTHING will happen in your life. What you can earn with this… Is well worth the risk. Spending $100/month..and having the potential to make THOUSANDS…is a NO-Brainer.

      I’m NOT knocking you…but being very honest when i say..EVERYTHING involves some sort of risk.. The bigger the risk..the bigger the reward. Honestly…There is NO risk in this…Its a small one at that..and the well worth every dime you spend.

      Hopefully will see you on the inside.. You wont regret it ;)

  11. Rob G says:

    As expected you deleted my previous comment. Why?

  12. Mike says:

    Thank you for replying to my post in such short time I didn’t expect that to be honest. If you believe in this that much then once I make my choice and sign up ill sign under you… ill give it my everything and do as I’m coached. After signing up what’s the next step? Go tell people to join? Again I appreciate you actually speaking with us and answering our questions as I know it isn’t easy answering to people who already have it in their head that this isn’t going to work. I don’t doubt it I just don’t want to screw myself out of any time and money. But like u said anytime it comes to starting your own business there will always be risk. Another question is let’s say in a month or two I decide I don’t like the program and want to count my losses and leave what happens then? I can log in and cancel or what? Also once I sign up do I get my own site? And do they offer coaching and training that’s not automated?

    • Mike says:

      also if their is a way other than here to contact you if u dont mind providing me with it as i would rather and email or something like that…

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Like I said..I tell it like it is.. If you want to ever quit..absolutely possible, simply cancel. Once you sign up..You will have access to my PDF training site, which will show you things you can do for free right away..and paid if you want faster results. This really isnt about recruiting people and offer no value.. The tools we offer have great value.. so people will need them..then how much morer so, will they appreciate that they can recoupe their money and make money…by simply sharing them with others. Note you have to become a reseller to do so..but Im sure you know that already..its a measly $20/ be able to make money on this..First step..JOIN.. ;)

  13. Kimpossible1084 says:

    How easy is this because I signed up and paid and now I’m lost :(

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Not sure..why you are lost..Perhaps you didnt sign up under someone who will show you what to do?..I have a training PDF site, that helps you get a jump start.Who is your sponsor?..Its does make a difference you know.

  14. tejeda103 says:

    i am 20 years old am i too young too start ? and i will like to have an income since i am unemployed right now , soo how much money will i need to just start? i have signed up for macks program but i have not paid for gvo yet. i just been looking at videos to understand how this works because i have never done online marketing but i would love to learn everything and how it works soo i can get started asap! :)

  15. jaylon says:

    dean can i sign up under u?

  16. mario says:


    • Dean Goncalves says:

      EZ money doesn’t require credit card..Its FREE!..But the programs if you choose to promote might..I would simply place a support ticket and inquire. I know for Empower..They are supporting thousands of people from all over..

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      NOT sure my a support ticket. I am NOT the company..only one who promotes them…Anything to do with support, they take care of.

  17. Peter says:

    Hello Dean, Like your video a lot. very straight shooter and tell it like it is. Have a question for you: Since everything in this program require heavy blogging, which will allow ranking on Google so people see you and join under you. My weak point is writing and with this, I have to do it all the time, will this work for me without blogging every day? And is there a way to out source blogging? If so how costly would that be? Can you help with out sourcing too? Thanks for all your help Dean. Have a blessed day.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      EZ money has nothing to do with Blogging…YES, I blog, but that not all I do..I market many ways..

  18. Gilbert Turner says:

    Perhaps I am more foolish than I thought. After researching numerous ways to make money over the Internet, I selected your EZ Money program, followed your instructions to invite you as a friend and clicked on the link that came up in my email. It seems I have sent 184 invites to my friends to join my facebook EZ Money system. Am I right? Strangely I have never completed my profile page on facebook, no picture and no personal information, as I have never given much credibility to wasting my time on this chat system, just accepting invitations from my actual 60 friends. What is going on? Have I sent invites to 184 people on facebook and my email contacts? It would make me feel better had I filled out the profile page earlier. Secondly, where did you get 184 friends(?)? Are you really going to answer this reply?

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      yes..I am going to answer this reply..but seriously..Have no clue what you are talking about..perhaps you are talking about Facebooks internal friend suggestor..You werent part of facebook beforer..and so they pulled up your contact list and sent the “JOIN facebook” link to them. This has NOTHING to do with EZ money etc..

  19. Peter says:

    Made a comment yesterday but for some reason it got deleted out. Anyway, got a question for you Dean, looks like this program requires lots of writing (blogging) and this is my weakest point. Will that still work for me? Finding contents for the blog is a big task for me. Thanks for any suggestion you may recommend.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Hello..Blogging..Not at all. I share a facebook strategy and a paid campaign which you can use to get traffic.

  20. Daniel Euergetes says:

    I know you didn’t like the things I was saying on your EN Video, but I can’t help but tell the truth just as you have for Free Commissions, which, incidentally, was a job well-done that I couldn’t comment on. (Would have praised you on that one for sure.)

    Anyway, to each his own. You have great potential and are very knowledgeable, but I just can’t agree on EN. Too many things about it. And yes, I know it costs money to have a business, but I know businesses that don’t have to resort to all those upsells and incomplete programs and are wildly successful. It takes a LOT of work and sadly, that’s not seen as presentable, so this detail gets left out.

    If you do well in it, GREAT. If you find you don’t, find me. No, I’m not going to sell you anything, just give me your thoughts down the road.


    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Thanks for the comment Daniel.. I can safely comment on 97% of the programs out there being untrue..without actually buying them.. its just the nature of the industry.However, if you want to make substantial income online, you need to promote higher end products. EN has those products, and Im not sure if you bought all the programs, but i can tell you..the information inside..especially inside the $1000 program called 15k very insightful, and something you can put into practice right away….AND..once you buy it can resell it at ..YEP..$1000 thats 100% commissions. So..having that kind of investment returned to you, in such little time is unheard of..and imagine for a sec…getting $1000 commission email!!.. Empower is a community where people can go..Learn..and APPLY what they learned..and MAKE CRAZY money..same opportunity for everyone..yet different results across the board. The Unpredicatable denominator is YOU..and ME..and what we choose to do with it.

      I get EN signups..and Inner circle signups WITHOUT talking or sharing the link for that matter…I cant explain how that feels..BUT the word FREEDOM comes to mind.. Join me..and we can take the walk together… Good luck in all you do..You are ALL deserving of success!

  21. Marc says:

    Hello dean
    Thank you for giving the clear view of Ez money method :)

  22. Dominic Cruz says:

    I’m not part of empower, gvo, or pure but what happens if I join EZ? I just joined RippLn back in March but I am curious about EZ. I’m kind of done with the network marketing industry lol.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      If you join EZ…you will have the right tool to promote all 3 of those programs..If you arent part of those programs, then obviously you wont make commissions. So..Joine EZ (free) then join those 3 programs (all 3 will cost $100 month) you then are in business, and have your own business.

  23. Jennifer Henry says:


    I know I seen empower network but not exactly how it works and not sure about GVO and other one. How much that cost and what payment method cause I only use Credit card not paypal. I find it frustrating with videos and complicated instructions I cant follow. I’m hearing impaired and need some help how to use it properly rather me sitting and scratching my head and do nothing. Any ideas?

  24. Mike says:

    Hello, I will find you on facebook to ask some more questions. Am interested and would like to give this a go.

  25. Mike says:

    If you scroll up and look for it im the same mike who had those question before well i took the leap and signed up with dino and il tell ya what the programs them selves are great but to have a man like this as your sponsor makes it that much better he is a beast when it comes to this stuff… Dino im glad to have signed under you and thank you for answering my late night questions and helping me build my own business… If you can afford it then listen to this man and does as he says lol… the rest is on you and your drive… DINO you the man lol Mike V. ;^)

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Thanks my man..for believing in me..and I wish you great success!..You can do it..just NEVER give up..and success will surely follow ;)

      • Dean Goncalves says:

        By the way..when someone does something good like this..(great praising comment) I like to do something nice for them. If anyone wishes to help Mike (who knows..maybe you next time)..join under mike here=>

        You will have the same access to ALL my training as well. The only difference, is NONE…Mike will get a signup.. and you will help him make some money. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

        I hope you do get signups off this MIKE.. Ill keep it up for a bit..and then Im sure you understand why I have to take down your link… Thanks again, for the super nice..comment!

  26. Demarcus says:

    I Plan on signing up for empowering network and the inner circle and the 15k formula but.. i Just had a question? if I did that would still need to sign up for the gvo and pure leverage or is that just optional. ?

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Everything is optional..But what i would do… I signup for the three first GVO Pure And Empower basic..and inner circle if you want… Then you have the essentials.

  27. Demarcus says:

    sounds good! & THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE WITH THE HELPFUL TIPS.. god bless

  28. Crystal says:

    Hello Dean! I totally understand the program and have looked into others and have seen nothing like it. My biggest concern is IF this program doesn’t work for me can I pull out at anytime and stop the monthly payments?

    • Dean Goncalves says: can stop the monthly payments..from the programs within GVO and Pure and Empower..remember EZ money is free.. BUT as far as pulling out what you piut in..nope..its a business…so you cant purchase a business, and then ask for a refund..good luck!

  29. Aleksey Zuravlov says:

    Hi, Dean! (so this is your real name?)

    I’ve joined 2 day ago. Messaged you on Facebook as well.

    You have a LOT of traffic with such a simple website. How did you achieve that? You don’t look like a SEO guru. I guess social media?

    Best wishes,

  30. Aakash says:

    Hi, dean

    i am just a student hopeing to do part time only by spending 1hr a day.
    i have no idea of markating can i join ans i am hoping to earn 200$/ that ok if yes pls send the email

  31. Nebojsa says:

    What can a guy like me who don’t have even a single dime, living at his parents house at their expense do? How do I become a member, have you ever think of that? What about those people?

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Firstly… Im sorry but it will be very hard for you to make money online with no money,WITHOUT a positive attitude. One that seeks results no matter what..Success mentality.

  32. Nebojsa says:

    Nice for you to delete my honest question. At least I was honest.

    Thanks for your time, I won’t waste it anymore.

    Gonna remove you from contacts and block you in my email.


    P.S: Oh btw, delete this comment if you wish, since you are acting like that.


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