Golden Goose Method Review- Does Kevin, Tom & Marcus Have Something?

Written on:January 9, 2014
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Golden Goose Method Sounds Too Good?

Golden Goose Method ReviewI know you are probably thinking the exact same thing I’m thinking… Is this Golden Goose Method simply a fairy tale, and its only purpose is to teach you a lesson like the book about Jack and the bean stock?

I won’t go as far as saying you will receive a happy ending, but what Kevin ‘s Golden Goose Method promises, is that the software wont trade unless its going to win (make you money). I don’t know about you, but that got me excited…Could they have really created a smart enough software that would predict the rise and fall of currencies by spotting trends that most software’s are too slow to recognize in time?

Golden Goose Software New?

Binary trading is the hottest thing lately, and seems like many are promoting trading with “their unique” software that predicts price changes. Something about the sales video sounded unique to me with the Golden Goose method software. Firstly, Kevin mentions that he partners up with two people, one is Tom, who was a successful trader and father was actually a broker. The other is Marcus who worked for Google and Yahoo. While none of these statements have been confirmed, the premise is that ones Trend spotting knowledge (Tom), combined with a programmer’s automation expertise (Marcus), they would both come up with a software that was unlike any other in the marketplace.

Could they have come up with a Better Bot?

While we have heard of other “Push Button” software that promise you riches, it is quite possible that this one may be different. I have not tried it yet, but there is really no reason you shouldn’t. It is 100% free according to the Golden Goose Method video, and I’m sure you can try it out on a simulated trading on the brokerage Kevin suggests.

You Must Use their Broker.

Golden Goose Method Broker

Broker: United Options

Reason: According to Kevin. They are reliable, and their won’t be any delays if you want to pull out any profits in the near future. With many Brokers popping up in the Binary Options Trading craze, you might want to pick someone that is being recommended by others, especially the product creator. Yes, it’s true, Kevin will more then likely be making a commission on your trades, which is why I say get an account through the brokerage of choice, as he wouldn’t recommend something where he wont make any money, so suggesting a fraudulent Broker would be counter productive on his end.

Is Golden Goose Really Free or a Scam?

The software is free (according to Kevin), and you can download it upon viewing the video (link below). It will cost you approximately $250 to start trading (pretty normal rate across brokerages). For some of you wanting money without spending any money, I just have to say that in 99% of the cases, that simply isn’t reality, and you should give up on those silly expectations. So you will need money ($250 at least) to participate.


While Binary trading can make some people rich, don’t expect easy results right from the get go.Kevin’s Golden Goose Method makes a pretty bold statement about his software, (wont trade unless its a winning bid). Lets just hope its the real deal, and you guys make a killing. In the meantime, let us know anything you can about your experiences with the program and or software, and if you made any money in the Binary Trading arena. Thanks.

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  1. Suave Norwood says:

    i have tried a similar program like a year ago and these types of things are always fraudulent, the one i did was called Dollars On Demand, they get you to join a broker but never give you the software that’s supposed to do the trading for you, but you end up signed up with the broker and getting calls from said broker and you’ve pretty much have gotten into something that you have no idea how to do, i withdrew my money immediately after i found that out

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