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Written on:November 5, 2013
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Six Basic Tips for Becoming a Successful Internet Marketer Quickly

Successful online marketing requires careful planning and well-crafted strategies. Unfortunately, most people who start a website without proper marketing knowledge end up closing their businesses soon, or just lagging as one of the thousands of search results displayed by Google on a page that nobody is ever going to see. You can avoid becoming one of them, with a few simple steps.

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Nothing can ever replace high quality content. In other words, this is a serious investment, and you need to consider all the aspects carefully, and to hire the best people to help you achieve a professional look. There are many businesses and individuals offering generic or copied content, for a very small fee. Don’t let them fool you – that small fee is anyway more than generic content is worth. Don’t forget that your site is the image you present to your potential customers – so why should they choose you, if your site looks just like a dozen others?

You may want to place ads on your website – depending on your business model. Make sure they are not obtrusive, and do not distract the visitors from your content. You may attain a few quick pennies if you place a gigantic flashing ad in the middle of your home page, but, eventually, it will drive visitors away, and it won’t help you achieve a sustainable business. And keep in mind that pop-ups are probably the most hated thing on the Internet, so stay away from them. On the other hand, text-based ads are easy to include in any design, do not frustrate the reader, and may even help you obtain better rankings with the search engines.

Your site is introduced to search engines and to your potential clients by the keywords used to define it. Make sure they are closely related to the main topic, or else they won’t help you much. One of the most common mistakes among the beginners is not to think about keywords at all. Seasoned marketers have the reverse approach: they consider keywords first, and build the site and the content around them, in order to insure the best possible place in search results.

In the past years, the social media took over the world. Make your presence known by including as many social widgets as possible. Create pages to promote your business, and don’t forget to update them regularly. This is not an optional trick, it’s a vital part of building your online reputation. The main problem with social media is that your pages require constant attention and interaction with visitors and readers. If you don’t want to hire a professional marketer to take care of this aspect for you, then make sure you set a schedule for social networking, and you stick to it every day.

It’s difficult enough to get people to visit your site the first time; it’s even more difficult to convince them to return often. The only way to do this is to provide them with fresh, interesting content. Publishing reliable pieces of information before your competition is the best way to get ahead. Also, having a regular schedule for updates makes it easier for your readers to make the most of your site, and thus to become regular visitors.

Make a list of tools that give you information about the traffic to your website, the search terms for which you rank high, and the competitors’ sites as well. There are hundreds of good tools available online, so pick the ones that suit you, and check them regularly.

Internet marketing doesn’t have to be stressful and painful. If you manage to get things on the right path from the beginning, your website will welcome more and more visitors by the day.

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