Make Money With Meghan Review | STOLEN I.D? | Meghan Thompson Or Lindsey?

Written on:August 22, 2013
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Meghan Thomson Real Or Scam?

It’s officially out… The new Make Money With Meghan Online money making program. BUT is it really new?..and is her name really Meghan or Lindsey?

Earlier this year I wrote about a program called Free Commissions, where I exposed the “Acting” and B.S tactics inside the program, and I was shocked to see the same actors, actresses in this case (Lindsey or Megan) talking about the same (make money with ease ) type crap, which hopefully you don’t fall for.

Meghan Or Lindsey Pics

Make Money With Meghan Scam

You will notice, same guy, same girl, two different programs and different name for same girl (lol)

Anyway…to save me time, I created a video about my thoughts.

Let us know your thoughts as well, so we can keep this kind of “stuff” offline period!

Here is the Make Money With Megan => video and site

If you want to see it for yourself, and yes…as I have explained it several times in all my reviews, this is an affiliate link, and I make a lot of money as an affiliate, EVEN when I specifically TELL people NOT to buy a program…Pretty funny isn’t it..and its no secret method, just common sense..

Truth is, there are many things you don’t know yet about marketing online, and I hope I can help you discover these truths in your journey.

New Program- Automated Income App
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Dean Goncalves

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17 Comments add one

  1. Erik Kopp says:

    so glad I watched your video I was going to go for makemoneywithmeghan but I always know enough to google everything first!I have heard of Empower Network and am definetely going to join.I’ve sent you a friend request thanks again!!

  2. Keith says:

    thanks for your input. I didn’t have to pay for it, but I did have to pay for the networking that had to be acquired. I will take a look at the site you list as your ‘free’ program and see what it has to offer. As I really need additional income, I am SICK AND TIRED

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      My program is free, but you cant make money out of thin air…someone has to pay. Look into my program, its a teaching email program as well. Good luck!

  3. Louis says:

    Your calling her a scammer what about you….? i don’t know who you are either…!

  4. sylva says:

    they are charging upto $150.

  5. Ray Ramirez says:

    Hey Dean,

    Yeah, whenever I come across something like “Make A Zillion Dollars In 5 Minutes”, its ALWAYS a red flag and the first thingI do is google for reviews. I think the first mistake that “Meghan” did, was to show that knucklehead with the sunglasses on on that boat, and remember very well coming across that guy and some other familiar faces ADMITTING they were actors. So anyway, I will check out your system because even though I’m not an IM yet, I DO possess Common Sense!!! Thanks for your imput on this and keep doin a Great Job!

  6. mikael ahrenberg says:

    Hello buddy. It was a close call,fact is I noticed the similarity betveen the 2 chicks,
    Lindsy or Meghan . . . same crap.
    Think you should start a wistleblower service, as we common folks do need the possible aditional income

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Na… These programs popup every day..Just use common sense. If it sounds too easy and good, it probably is..BUT don’t be afraid to work at something,if the chance of success is possible..I do!

  7. Dean Goncalves says:

    Thanks for your comment.

  8. Tinz says:

    I am glad to see your review. I saw Meghan’s program and was doing my re-search on it when I came across your review. I am interested in your emailing system. I have tried Empower Network and also DS Domination, which is actually a real system that one can make money with out having to be an affiliate and recruit in order to make money. One can also become an affiliate in order to make an additional income as well.

  9. jackie says:

    OMG! I created my website went to the second step which required $150 went ahead and googled reviews! very glad I did! Thank you !!

  10. Joseph Walter says:

    Is Meghan the same girl as Lindsey?
    Please advise.

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