Mobile Money Code Review- My Case Study On Greg Anderson

Written on:April 29, 2013
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Mobile Money Code Launches

Greg Anderson Mobile Money Code

Greg Anderson?

Today another NEW program has been released called Mobile Money Code, by one of the top Clickbank affiliates of our time. His name isn’t Greg Anderson..But Instead Ronnie M. This guy has been on the top of the Affiliate leader boards for years, and he claims that this new program that taps into the mobile market place which is 5 times greater then the home computer market.

My Where’s Waldo Case Study

As you guys may know by now, I don’t promote garbage, but quite often I will write blog posts, on search terms (keywords) that I know will be getting a lot of short term traffic based on the TOP affiliates and email marketing that they do. For example…


Here is a snippet of a typical email that may have brought you online to check out Mobile money code.

Subject: LIVE: Training shows how $10K a Day is made

Main Body: Hey, Have you ever made money using your cell phone? Here’s a Live Training Video showing you case studies of beginners and normal people just like you, making $4,000 a Day using their cell phones…etc…

You get the point.. They send it to their list of subscribers (people interested in ways to make money online) and if you buy..that’s affiliate makes commission.

I have to say..It’s the same way nearly 100% of the people make money online, by building an email list, and sending out offers to their subscribers. And…some, people buy what they see, whiule some research, and VOILLA!..this is why I blog..To intercept those who believe it (Too Good) to be true.

So is Mobile Money Code Real & Good?

This is “Where’s Waldo Case Study” comes in to play..

I thought I would do something different this time, and get feedback for myself, and others reading this blog post. What I decided to do, is to have a little fun with this launch, and as well, learn a few things from “YOU” the prospective customer or (in my case partner) on how and why this type of marketing works, or doesn’t.

Mobile Money Code Video

This video reminds me of the review I did a little while back, about another (push button) system, that was filled with actors (yes..No?) trying to convince us, they weren’t acting (lol)

Greg Anderson's daughterThe name is unimportant, BUT..I got the same kind of feel from this program as well. Here’s what really bugs me..He’s talking about other programs hiring paid actors to talk about systems.. and FAKE gurus etc.. BUT, I’m a little confused… Who is Greg Anderson (main Character) is he real?.. and is this his real daughter? didnt get her name..BUT I thought she was just too…??(I’ll let you decide)

Here’s where I really need your input. I want to know..Did you guys feel it (the story ) to be real?..or did you watch it for entertainment purposes?

Mobile Case Study 1 Sandy

Did you believe that after a few simple pushes of a button, Sandy was able to make $228.66? It doesn’t seem like much, and the number is NOT crazy.. I have a hard time, watching something where they make it look (So Easy) and that any (DUMMY) can push a few buttons, and make that money in less then an hour?

Here’s a picture of Sandy Before

sandy $228.66 commissions

And Sandy After

sandy over $20,000 using Mobile money code

Sandy over $20,000 using Mobile Money Code 1 week!

My biggest issue, is that it took very little time, knowledge, skills etc..and ANYONE can do this..BUT this program CAN’T become public knowledge..(LOL)..why is it all over the Internet then?


if there’s one thing I want you to understand, is that YES, Mobile marketing is profitable, and many are making HUGE money doing it..BUT I have NEVER seen any software do what they claim..(basically dummy proof) where you simply enter a Mobile Money Code, input some data, with ZERO installation, computer skills, simply push a few buttons, and you make money.

Do You believe that?

This is where I want you to comment, AFTER >>watching the VIDEO again <<.and let me know your true thoughts. It’s GREAT to dream of becoming an entrepreneur, earning a great income, all the while vacationing and drinking coffees in cafe’s all over the world. (By The Way) This brings me to the next case study Paul Miller.

Paul Miller Drinks Coffee SLOW?

This part cracks me up…This Paul Miller guy is supposedly a “Internet Marketer” who is already making $800-900 per day..That is GREAT!  Problem is, he doesn’t have much time to spend with his family (understandable) So.. anyway, “GREG” asks Paul to pull out his cellphone, so that he can make some money.. BUT Paul forgot it at home! (LOL) I guess is NOT your typical “Market Place User” the product creator talks about. What really kills me, (As I am A REAL Marketer) and looking at the way Paul is pressing buttons, all excited, and like dumbfounded at how easy it is..(Looks Like An ACTOR Type response)

I wouldn’t be dumbfounded..I would be a little more (Familiar) with some of the buttons I was pushing..Meaning, if you are making $800-900 a day on the Internet, I can guarantee you..There’s NOT much you haven’t come across yet..and the fact that he was so “WOWED” looks as fake as the coffee break they went to take..

“Lets go and have a coffee, and we’ll come back and check your commissions in an hour!”

happy Paul MillarLook at his coffee..they are both full..LOL.. 1 hour Not enough time to drink a cup of coffee?..or did they have more then one?..He got right up..and left it there (full) and left..Who knows, maybe it was their second cup. By the way… he lets us in on how much he’s making after using the Mobile Money Code Software.

Pauls commission using code

Then there’s the case study Jonathan.

The most Jonathan has ever made online was $15.47 (much more realistic) BUT after using the Magical Mobile Money Code Software (Still Not sure what it does) He generates  a $400 profit within the hour, and after a week, is up to $2,000-$3000 per day.

I’m telling you flat out..It doesn’t work like that, and especially NOT after such limited training. By the way…if you watch the video & review, you will notice he taught these people after literally spending a minute pressing button…So, why is the Bonus 6 week Live training needed, or the Free training tips and tricks on how to use this to make money. Didn’t we watch the same video?..looked pretty easy to me. Push a few buttons, and watch money roll in.

Parks his car for HOURS, & NOT worried about the guy wanting to leave? LOL

parks mobile money car

Some other facts about Mobile Money Code

The estimated REAL cost of this Don’t disclose software is $4997.00

Total cost of software ZERO Dollars. The only cost to Invitation only customers, is a  $49.00 Pitch ion fee to cover Lifetime upgrades and support.

I must admit, I didn’t buy the software or the program, so in fairness, I can’t really tell you if it works or not. BUT in my past experience and (common sense) approach..My gut tells me, that this software might do some great things, like build mobile websites( great market) and make it easy for the complete newbie to do so, but this market isn’t as easy as they say, and generally meetings with small business people is required.

Take the “Where’s Waldo Case Study” (find all the NON common sense items in the >>sales Video<< and come back to this blog, and share your findings with us. If you bought this Mobile Money Code program, please come back and tell us what it’s really about. And for all the rest that looked at it the second time, share the with us some things in the video that you didn’t see the first time, that now found, because  of this blog post taking you back for a second look.  It should be fun for you and I.

These are what we call blind offers ( not sure what you are buying) and most over promise and under deliver.. Maybe Mobile Money Code is an exception. You NEVER know..

p.s. If you decide to buy..I wish you luck and prosperity, (Let us know how it went) If you don’t buy, then come back and let us know what you liked…and what you hated about the video presentation. (I’m all ears) For those curious minds… YES, those links I placed in this post are Affiliate Links. (i make money if you buy) AND..I know some of you are probably thinking..HYPOCRITE!!. Let me share my Final Thoughts..

Doesn’t matter how loud you scream, or how many people you warn, or how many people you try to help,

PEOPLE are funny, and DON’T always do what’s right (common sense)… BUT instead ACT on emotion..BECAUSE they want to believe, and still do in the American DREAM of freedom in all senses of the word. So, knowing that already from  (Experience) I know some of you will still buy this, even though I’ve been transparent about everything that I DIDN’T like.. So, my conscience is fine, and If I make a commission from the vendor, because you clicked my link, I can’t feel bad.. I would much rather the commission come to me, then someone who didn’t care about YOU.

The End…(for now)

SHARE your thoughts below…Thank you.



Dean Goncalves

Dean is a Full-Time marketer who enjoys helping people help themselves. Truth: "Get Rich Quick"..Really Means "Get Poor Fast!" If you want to SERIOUSLY make money online..Read More & LEARN!

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41 Comments add one

  1. Bernard G. (Berni) Smith says:

    I require your mailing address so I can mail you the initial payment of $49.00 USDA Dollars to join your company over the internet. I had to go bamkrupt four years ago and I had to give up all of my credit cards. I have not been able to obtain another credit card for the pass four years mainly because of my financial situation. It has been pure hell ever since I went bankrupt four years ago. So I have no other way than mail you a post office money order or a bank draft to be able to pay for the initial payment to join your company over the internet. I live in Alberta, Canada, I hope this does not cause a problem because I really, really want to join your company over the internet.

    Thank you kindly for your time, co-operation and for your patients,

    Yours truly,

    Bernard G. (Berni) Smith

  2. Richard says:

    I’m nor real convinced on the Money Mobile Code either . Dean brings up several good points. It’s free, and than you find a $49.00 charge at the end of the video. Sounds very interesting, however I’m hesitant because the video is like many that I’ve seen in the past, a lot of flash and skip over the actual details of what this magical code does and how it puts money into you ClickBank account. The limited offer and special invitation concerns me the actors and actresses in the video the big house Ferrari, how does the thing work? Let me know if anyone has success with it or if it’s just another pipe dream. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

    • Susana says:

      Hi, Dean!
      I am interested in joining some honest affiliated companies. Would you email me
      some safe ones, I can join without the scams.


  3. Mike says:

    I have purchased the program. I have my doubts, but chasing a money dream. I have several concerns. First, after you pay thhe $49, there are two additional money pitches. The first is for $199.99, but if you opt out, he comes back and offers it for $99.99. The seoncd additional charge is also $199.99, and no additional discounts offered. These are called “Tiney” amounts for what the actual cost is. Now reading this article I find out Greg Anderson is not Greg Anderson? I more of a skeptic now, but will try it for a few weeks. I’ll let you all know.

  4. Jim says:

    Hello Dean,
    I watched the video and decided to check him out.
    Nice house and car? But who’s are they?
    Looks like he lives in a condo in Miami.
    LOL on making money with his program.
    Just keep buying Greg’s products and “he” will make
    lots of money.

  5. Sharlee says:

    LOL! I thought I was the only sceptic to watch this video! I had this uneasy feeling about this the whole time too. It all felt very staged and I couldn’t help but wonder whether it was REALLY his house + car. (Yeah, I also wondered whether that guy is not going to reverse his 4×4 onto that Ferari’s nose that is parked behind him like that!) I too got very excited about this code and system, where I can push a few buttons and earn money, but then I was a bit taken aback by the 6 weeks support and training and tips & tricks… None of these 3 needed any of that stuff! If I only need to press about 5 or 7 buttons (and wow, Jonathan is a boffin at signing up for a new account – takes me a bit longer to do!) and if it is really that simple and easy, why on earth do I need the support and training and all that jazz? Yes, and both his “kids” messages made me wonder too. The girl seemed a bit over the top and the tone of voice when the boy said that he started using the software too just didn’t seem to quite fit. Yes, I also thought Sandy looked a bit rundown after a week – maybe because she sat up all week, watching the money coming into her account? (That is what I probably would have done!) 😉 I also smiled when I saw their full cups of coffee after an hour and Paul clearly did not know where to go or what to do when he walked out. I would have imagined him to at least be on an excited stroll on his way to tell his wife what an amazing meeting he had, or something like that. On the other hand, I can also understand that if they are NOT actors that the video may have needed a few shots to get a more “professional” touch to it and therefore Paul may have hesitated, wanting to make sure whether the camera man is happy with the shot? I don’t know, this is just a few of my observations. I was also fairly surprised when Greg went into a full blown sales pitch at the end! DUH! One must have been living under a rock not to know that those are the two options and for a guy who makes so much money… I wouldn’t have thought that he would have begged, urged and pushed this hard to get me to accept his offer. Not everybody will buy and if I’m so stupid not to see the benefit of his system, then that is MY loss, isn’t it? If it was really free like he has said, I would have given it a try immediately. And if he is really embarrassed about talking about the small “pitch in” fee, why does he even mention it or bother then? Shareware software works on the principle that you use the software and if you find it helpful, you give them a (sometimes suggested amount) donation, if you don’t find it helpful – their loss. Even my stingy as hell husband has on several occassions given such donations to software companies that he use and found helpful. 😉 If Greg’s system was thus working the way he said, I would GLADLY give him 1% of even ALL my earnings even for the rest of my life that I’m using his system – if I’m making money, that is no problem at all! If Sandy made $20’000 in a week – that would have been $200 just for that first week. He would thus have enough money to pay for all his expenses, without having to ask a fee at all from anybody. When I went to the shopping cart and clicked that I would like to pay through PayPal, it doesn’t go through to PayPal like all websites normally does either… Anyway, this is just my 2pens. I hope that somebody who has bought and used the system will be able to give us some REAL information! For now, I will rather wait until I have more information before jumping onto this wagon.

  6. John says:

    Yeh Dean I am with you on this one. What I think is needed is for some authority to review each and every claim in this video and have ‘Anderson’ and everyone else that was so keen to push the crap down our throats publish public apologies for the many deceitful and misleading claims that are in the video. There are a lot of people like myself trying to get into affiliate marketing but the ‘marketing to affiliate’s’ bunch just keep on coming with more and more outrageous claims. Make an example of one with huge punitive fines and exposure and we might see less crap in the field.

    • Rickyfix says:

      Is a scam, no true. Why he is no responding to the people that have bad replays, because is a SCAM.

  7. asghar khan says:

    please tell me how to do this work I am in need so much.

    I will be waiting your reply…………


  8. TOM says:



  9. Denise says:

    He is actually selling something that Web companies have been doing now for a while. It wasn’t anything like I had expected and it would take longer to get up and running than did my own business doing the same thing that I have been doing for the last year…buyer beware, this takes WAY more than 3-4 buttons to push and no way can it be done and set up on your mobile cell phone.

  10. David says:

    I wanted to take a look and bought all four programs so I could see everything in the program. In for $621 and within a couple hours of the web site not working or unable to download anything, I saw quickly that this was mostly going to be a lot of work that kind of looked like the way things were back in the 90’s. Since I initially figured the 60 day guarantee should be no problem to get the refund after taking a look I had jumped and bought for the night. Problem is when you want a refund, there is no way to get one. The number you call will just play music if you push the number for refunds. When you call again to try another number it captured your phone number from before and won’t let you do anything but listen to music after a message about someone will be coming on the line. (someday?) Anyway it looks like this will go right to my credit card company as a fraud and a violation of online purchases in the USA which have a mandatory 30 days to get a refund. YOU WANT TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHUCKSTER!!!

  11. Shay says:

    Hi there Dean, Please do feel free to email me in regarding the program your in that Actually Works as it will be greatly appreciated! Thnx Hun*

  12. Sandra Chapman says:

    I was reading some of the comments made about Mobile Money Code. I bought into the Mobile Money Code yesterday. The # to call in the back office doesn’t work. All you hear is GoodBye and you get hung up on. I put in two request in getting the code but I haven’t heard back from them yet about it. The first # they ask you to call is to sell you more stuff. They ask about you credit cards and how much you can put on them. When I told them I had no credit card they rushed me off the phone and said I have another appointment. When I hear from them I will let you know. I think I’m going to ask for my money back. I hope they will return it to me. I’m glad I found your comment page.

  13. Patricia says:

    I got the invitation e-mail today to watch the video. About 5 minutes into it, I asked myself “Why am I watching this when I know it’s fake?” I watched it to the very end. They were obviously reading cards and not speaking from their experiences, and those who supposedly earned money within an hour or 2 weren’t excited enough. I know I personally would be much more thrilled if I earned that much doing almost nothing. Anyway, I wanted to find out what others have to say about it because I was curious and found this page. You’ve confirmed my feelings about it. I’ve been a sucker before and lost some serious money and there’s no way I’m going to let that happen again. Thank you for having this page.

  14. Dean Goncalves says:

    Thanks for your feedback

  15. William Nicastro says:

    I just say money code video. What caught my eye was the guy in the bar.He was making money in February. The tv in the back round had baseball on it.No baseball until the spring.

  16. Ann M.G. says:

    After reading through the posted comments regarding,”Mobil Money Code”, I had to stick my lower lip out because I realized that I wasn’t so
    dog-gone special after all; that,my “invitation only” status was actually extended to a billion P.C.’s around the world and quite possibly 7 billion mobile units as well,WOW!! One can hardly wrap one’s mind around this omnipresent monstrosity that is, at the same time, a mystery to the unsuspecting “public”!! The “public” of the world is completely clueless because, there are 8(eight)billion sets of lips which have been buttoned I tell you!,they’ve been locked and their respective keys…,thrown away!! Only time, lots-o-time, can fix this, thing, that, is……,(fill in your own words here).

    In all seriousness though, I was rather touched by a few comments, especially by those who were easy prey for cyber predators. Those who are a bit more fragile than others,those who are maybe grieving or even just elderly,those who come from another time when one could believe another for their word. It’s not pity that I’m feeling here, rather, I’m experiencing a deep and profound sadness;for the very people who brought us up,who cared for us and who had our backs,those who did their level best to see that we weren’t taken advantage of,and those who worked so very hard to instill integrity within us.
    Yes, I am saddened and disgusted by those of us who indeed took the gifts of care and concern,of protection and honorable life ethics,only to throw it all back in the faces of the very souls who should be on the receiving end now;receiving our care and concern, our protection and gratitude. They have earned and deserve to be honored by what should be a reflection of that which they gave to us,they deserve our respect and love given freely and unconditionally!
    Instead,shamefully, there are those among us,(you know who you are),
    who would just as soon make a mockery of all the things and all the souls which they instead should be grateful for. Rather than acknowledge the immeasurable worth of the precious treasure that is our,”folks”, our family of man. There are,(“those among us”),who seem however,to be content with applying a price tag starting
    at, $49.00, 100% confidentially speaking of course,mums the word.

    Just one more thought before I go;I once got sucked into a lovely scenario,(the tale best left for another time), where I made a “100% risk free purchase” using my cell phone. Even though I tried to reverse the transaction immediately, that was just “impossible for the next 3 business days”, according to the seemingly(outsourced),customer service person. I called my bank to see about reversing the charge but was informed that the fee to do so would be more costly than my actual blunder was.
    By the grace of God,I called my phone banking to see if the charge had gone through yet. Indeed it had gone through, but before the amount came through for me to hear,a more recent transaction came forth of almost $300.00!,WHAT???
    My apparent mistake was in the use of my cell phone,keying in my card number etc.. I raced home to call my bank about this large transaction they told me that it had not posted and in fact had been rejected. I managed to get the information regarding what and from where the transaction was made.
    In talking with my bank it was made clear that my account had been compromised, so we shut everything down and I would have a new card in about 10 days.
    Going back to the what and where transaction stuff for a minute, I took the info and called the company’s number,it was a call center that took orders for various merchandise of various companies. It turned out that a man from Colorado,attempted to buy about $300.00 worth of cookware…,whatever! I actually got the guy’s street and town address. It was very hard not to,but I didn’t pursue him. Why plunge to his level? Why give away my power to such low life? Not worth it! I do wonder from time to time,if he at least had good taste in pots and pans? Won’t ever know,won’t ever care.

    Well, so I did describe more than I meant to,more than necessary,oh well. The whole reason behind all that rot about my pots and pans
    faux pas, is to encourage those of you who’ve been duped and are still reading this,contact your bank,complain(if you choose to),about a charge you didn’t authorize,(if its not too late),but don’t pay to have the payment stopped. If you don’t want to mess with filing a claim with the card company,one thing you might consider,(if you choose to),is to report your card lost or stolen. The bottom line here,is to SHUT IT DOWN! From the moment you shut down your card,ie; a credit card or debit card with a credit card logo such as,”Visa”, total information therein ceases to exist forever.
    In my case,this was like a God send because the product I ordered would cost me $19.95 and if I returned it within the “risk free” time frame,I would get my money back but would get stuck with the shipping. It sounds pretty harmless but, it really wouldn’t be that neatly cut and dried. Now, if I failed to return it with this and that and in the perfect way, my card would be charged an additional $150.00,(if I remember right). These people had my address,phone number,and whatever else a person wouldn’t want them to have. My card was disarmed,a new card was issued,I’m out only $19.95,I still have the stupid product,
    and I haven’t heard a word about it since.
    I say, do what you gotta do! It’s only as good or bad as you choose to make it. I’m pretty sure that Mr.Money Code and Mr.Colorado
    pots-n-pans guy, haven’t and are not likely to lose any beauty sleep over their respective trips,why should you or I? It’s all just a matter of equalization,so its all good!
    I hope I’ve been of some help or validation for someone. It’s been nice for me to vent a bit and I thank you for taking the time to read me.
    With much Love and Care for One and All;
    I most Respectfully Submit My Thoughts;
    Blessings in all that you do.
    Ann M.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Very long comment..Ill have to read it completely..In the meantime, Ill approve it. Thanks for your opinion!

  17. indra effendi says:

    Thank you Dean, give me inspiration to say no to this crap,..when I watch the video yesterday,…I knew something doesn’t right,…until i found yours Blog,..and i said Hhmm..Regards. Indra – Indonesia.

  18. Dean Goncalves says:

    Thanks for your comment.

  19. Doug says:

    I also viewed the people as actors, especially the daughter. She tried to get all sentimental and there wasn’t even a tear in her lying eyes. What angers me the most is the false advertisement, telling me that it is 100% free and then asking me for money I don’t have to begin with. Is there anyone at all in this sorry world that is actually willing to help someone without expecting money in the very beginning? I don’t mind repaying someone for an act of kindness when and if I can. However I can’t see paying someone for an outright lie to my face and pretend to be an act of kindness scam. I watched that stupid video for what seemed to be an hour thinking just maybe there were still good people in this world, someone who really wants to help people make money with a money making mobile code. HUMANITY IS DEAD.

  20. John says:

    Looking past the fake videos… The $49.00 deal offers me a tool to use for a business opportunity. The opportunity could be quite useful to my business. I can see why the opportunity is shrouded. If disclosed it would not make money for me starting up. Additional tools available will help later on. Yet they will most likely suck up revenue that I generate. If in using the opportunity and tools the shroud comes off. I would be an affiliate and my client circumventing my service to purchase the code themselves might earn me a residual. Sorry I cant share without voiding my chance at rethinking my business.

  21. Tim says:

    Thanks for THE CoMMENTS EVERYONE, I AMOST GOT SUCED IN. glad I did a seach and found this blog

  22. Deb says:

    Does anyone have a phone number for this?

  23. mary says:

    Hello. I just came a crossed your blog very interesting I’m ashamed to say I bought it hook line and sinker . I wanted it to be the dream I’ve been searching for I wish paid the $49.00 but a few mins after I got in to their web sight but thats as far as i got it wouldnt let me have the code until i completed all the stages of the trainning first. And I thought to myself you dummy lol then to top it off i got a text alert saying that $51.00 was also withdrawn from my account from them that I didn’t autherized omg if I could of kick myself in the ass I need would still be doing it lol. That happened 3 months ago and I keep emailing them for full refund but they keep emailing me back asking me not to go and offering me more free web site I thought I was stupid lol my bank is Taking further action against them but that’s not all. I no for a fact that the name wheres waldo wasn’t the name that they were using at that time I don’t rember what it was but my name is Mary waldo and I didn’t give them permission to use t either. Do you no if there’s anything happens can do about that if anything. Thank you. Mary waldo

  24. vally says:

    As you said, we get a lot of emails every day. Several people, like you, say Free, free, free, then…. $4999, then $ 99, and then 50% off $49. I am a science, and math teacher. Though, I did not understand these big, big numbers. If, some one is getting easy money( BY NOT WORKING!), means, some they are loosing.. I don’t know your way. Make trillions…. and trillions……money stays, but you die…. it won’t come with U!

  25. carole says:

    dean, have you heard of matt lloyd? he’s an australian and operates MOBE. tis an online business where you sell his videos. you pay $37 for training and then asked for 2k for the license to his videos. then you sell those and keep some of the money. i have paid the $37 i didn’t know about the 2k! am presently doing training. can’t say i’m that impressed. i would appreciate your feed-back.
    thank you,

  26. Eliz says:

    I paid the $49 after watching the video of mobile money code. I then got a phone call from a woman with what sounded like an American accent, I’m in Australia, phone was cut off part way through and then I got another phone call from someone calling themselves Derek Larson but I couldn’t talk at that time and then I had a further telephone call,can’t remember the guy’s name he was trying to gauge my financial situation and then tried to upsell me at first wanting to know if I had $3000 and then it ended up being $1000 and I ended up telling the guy that he was wasting his time. He was very nice on the phone but the whole thing is a big scam. I also said well I guess I’ve lost my $49′ and he said I could get a refund. So we shall see if that’s possible I’m not convinced but will see how I go. Good to read all the reviews Thks.

  27. Richard Jaramillo says:

    Wow… What a rip off and a scam why I spent $49.00 is beyond me! I believe in marketing and the huge audience that mobile / smartphones, social media, and the web offer. When it is to good to be true it usually is not good at all….

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Think of the $49 as a learning opportunity. We all make mistakes, dont take it hard..learn something from the experience, and move on avoiding those same traps. Thanks for your feedback

  28. graeme pedersen says:

    Thank god I found your site. I nearly got sucked in but I always Google the site in question. Most of the hits on this were promoting it. Then, I found your site thank goodness.
    PS Ann M. G. sounds to be a lovely person with much empathy.

  29. Johnd692 says:

    Outstanding post, you have pointed out some fantastic points, I as well think this is a very great website.

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