No Website Millionaire Review By Scott Travis real?

Written on:June 11, 2014
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No Website Millionaire Just Acting?

I can honestly say that finding a good program where you will actually make money in today’s times, is NOT an easy task. This new program fresh off the press called No Website Millionaire, is no exception.It’s what you call a blind offer, which means you have absolutely no idea what it’s about even after watching the complete video. It’s audience are those who seek a quick way to make money (usually online, and very little effort).

What’s the catch?

It’s a simple one two punch. send out an email to people who have shown interest in “make money from home fast opportunities” (YOU)

Then send them to a page promising them CRAZY cheques with very little work, and a crazy low price.Usually $47.00. But the real magic in converting YOU from a skeptic to believer is of course..The “REAL” testimonials.

BUT…are they really real?

So what I decided to do, was a quick search online to see if in fact these were real people earning real money, or just actors getting paid to say whatever anyone hired them to do.

It took me less then 5 minutes to uncover one such actor in the video, and to be honest, that was enough proof for me.

No Website Millionaire Testimonial Picture

Here is the screen capture of the guy in the video that made money with this program.

no website millionaire review

And…. Here is the “Same Guy” selling his fake testimonial video for a measly $5.00 (that’s right even you can hire him to say what ever you want!)

millionaire testimonial fakee

Don’t Take my word for it….Watch the complete video here.

Conclusion: If you are serious about making money online from home, then get involved with something that you more or less understand. One such thing that I believe is a good starting point, is selling stuff on E-bay and Amazon. There is one such program that many are finding success in, and… It’s NOT a blind offer which you don’t know what you’re getting. I highly recommend you take a moment of time, and watch a real opportunity with real clear and achievable expectations.

Click Here if you want to see a REAL Opportunity







Dean Goncalves

Dean is a Full-Time marketer who enjoys helping people help themselves. Truth: "Get Rich Quick"..Really Means "Get Poor Fast!" If you want to SERIOUSLY make money online..Read More & LEARN!

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  1. Molly says:

    if this is suppose to be free why do you have to have a credit card to start making money?

  2. Dean Goncalves says:

    Ya..This Travis Stephenson, I thought he was one of the better ones, but after he scammed me from my legitimite affiliate commissions, and kept all the money, I learned very quickly, he is not to be trusted.

  3. Alejandro cantu says:

    How does it work do you have to have a online company or what

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