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Written on:September 23, 2014
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Options Domination A Winner?

DS Options DominationBinary options is nothing new, it has been pushed lately by 100’s of Clicksure affiliates, as more and more programs and brokerages open up and offer affiliates great commissions for bringing in a trader. This new launch called Options Domination or DS options Domination is slightly different, because unlike all the other scammy Binary trading software creators out there who’s main intention is to scam the public of their money, these guys Roger Langille, Hitesh Juneja, and Kevin Hokoana are all co-founders of the popular and highly acclaimed Ds domination, which is  Ebay, Amazon, drop-shipping training site, uncovering secrets to making great money from these companies without spending a ton.

Binary Options Domination New?

So..I guess many of you must be wondering if DS options Domination is simply another gimmick, and if the team at DS is simply taking on another business, because the other has become saturated. According to them, this is far from the truth, and point out that they are not the legal owners of Options Domination, but instead affiliates just like you or I, and upon devising a system for success in binaries formulated even before the launch of their successful DS Domination, it took some time before it came close to launching (sometime in October 2014) because, they wanted a fool proof method or system so that the ever growing community of DS members, would find success within the program. They even boast the ability through many mathematical calculations, in striving to becoming the first company where ALL it’s members make money, not just the first founders. Should be interesting to find out if they are successful through DS Options Domination.

Here is a video I created explaining Options Domination

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  1. Nazeer says:

    Options is launching in January 2015. It will be the best thing that will ever happen to you. Don’t miss out.

  2. Mario says:

    Hi Dean, I am thinking to join next week are you doing this now? Is it good? are you making money pls respond is it a scam or not and which option you think to choose for beginner like me. Regards

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