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Written on:March 5, 2013
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Is Pure Leverage The Answer?

Pure Leverage Building

Pure Leverage Head Office

Welcome to this Pure Leverage review, which I’m sure is among the thousands you may run across in your travels. I am sure you have not come across this page looking to be entertained, but instead seeking real content, that may help you make and educated decision if in fact this newly launched Pure Leverage program by Joel Therien, may be for you, and solve some of the issues you may be currently encountering.

Why are you looking at Pure Leverage anyway?

This is a valid question, as you may have traveled here simply seeking information on the product line, and how it may help you in your current business. Most people writing these reviews simply assume that visitors are looking to use the Pure Leverage system as another money making product that they can push onto their existing downline members, and make quick money from the signups, but truth be told, these products are widely used by many business people simply looking to take advantage of online marketing methods which they know they should be capitalizing on.

If you are a business owner, and unsure of all the technical aspects that come associated with marketing your business online, then you will find that the Pure leverage suite of tools, will quickly put you in the drivers seat, and not have you spinning around in circles gathering up all the different pieces of tools you will need to create an effective marketing campaign.

Joel Therien CEO

Joel Therien CEO

Joe Therien founder, President & CEO… and has invested millions of dollars into his proprietary marketing system, so that business owners, managers, network marketers, and affiliate marketers could have a streamlined system that is easy to use, and virtually an all in one package that can give you the leverage you will need to properly market online, and take your business to the next level.


How do you turn a prospect into a customer over time?

Lead Capture PagesIf you’ve been attempting to market online for some time, I’m sure you’ve heard that the money is in the list. That list that people stress over and over about, is a list of prospects that visit your page or website. Without a means of gathering that persons name and email, your marketing dollars are being spent in vain, because you have less then a minute to capture that lead into your automated system, or they are forever gone. Therefore, an email opt-in form, on your site, or a professionally designed lead capture page is probably the most important tool in your marketing kit. The Pure Leverage suite of tools comes with some of the most professional Lead capture pages pre-built in the system to promote the Pure leverage business opportunity which we will discuss in a bit, but more importantly, you will find capture pages which you can edit within the system and customize to your Avatar, and will encourage your website visitors to leave their name with a Lead magnet. (eg. free gift)

Know your website Avatar

Identifying who your website visitor may likely be, and what they may be looking for on your site is the most critical element to your online marketing. It is more then likely, this visitor came across your listing on one of the search engines like Google or Bing. They read a snippet of your blog post, and it intrigued them to click on your listing, because they were looking for an answer to a problem, one that they hope you can solve. If you answer they’re Question… Or offer a valuable resource or have a USP ( Unique selling proposition) Then they will end up reading more..or opting in. Once they opt in to your newsletter or list, it allows you to continue to communicate via emails which are generally set on autopilot and prepared in advance by you, to educate the prospect and or, continue to sell him on the value of your products. If you aren’t building a list…You’re losing potential customers Period!

Want autoresponder messages already done for you?

If you’re a Network Marketer, you will appreciate the autoresponder email messagesbuilt in messages that Pure Leverage has already done for you within the system designed to convert that prospect into a Pure Leverage customer for you. If you have a Network marketing business that you promote, or simply an offline business like a Carpet cleaning business, you can simply use the built in forms, and design your own messages to deliver according to your schedule. You can also deliver broadcast messages anytime you choose, and get full analytics… like how many people opened the message you sent, and if they clicked the links you have inside the email. Rival companies such as Aweber alone charge $50 for the 10,000  user subscribers, which Pure Leverage includes in their $24.95 package…which may I add..comes with a few more powerful tools, and an opportunity for you to make money by simply sharing this Tool suite to other business people like yourself.

Here’s what you get Inside the $24.95 Pure Leverage suite?

  • Elite online marketing coaching (rivals any $300 program out there)
  • Lead capture/management system (rivals Aweber, GetResponse, etc)
  • A professional blog (coming soon)
  • Traffic generation coaching program (for low cost and viral)
  • Video email service (rivals Talkfusion and Iwowwe)
  • Live online meeting room (rivals TF, IW and Go2meeting)
  • Testimonial generator (use for any business)
  • Insiders club access and A-to-Z home study course

How much is this system worth if you were to break it down?

This entire system if you were to break it down into sections, would run you approx $500 per month. I think you can now appreciate why many are converting from their existing systems, to the Pure Leverage system for the cost savings and the mere fact that receiving 100% commissions (100% (month one commission) 50% (month two commission) on a product they love and use, sounds like a business proposition that any business person can appreciate and take advantage of.

How Can you make money with Pure Leverage?

joe in sports carThe Pure Leverage system launched on March 4, 2012. It is absolutely BRAND NEW, and with the product line that it offers, expect to see massive growth in the next few weeks. With opportunities like this, timing is everything, and the biggest and quickest results come from the company’s initial inception (launch)If you’ve been struggling to find a legitimate business opportunity that pays you 100% commissions and backed by exceptional customer service and products, then this is “The one” for you.

Trust me when  say…This opportunity will create many millionaires within the next couple years, which is why I joined myself. If you are seriously looking into this business and I stress the word Business, because it is a Real business, and if you treat it like a REAL business, then you can expect to get real incredible results. The Pure Leverage product will cost you $24.95/monthly. If you wish to capitalize and receive 100% commissions (Qualifying for 100% (month one commission) 50% (month two commission), then you will need to upgrade and become an affiliate which will cost you another $19.97per month on top of your product purchase.

They also have a VIP syndicate membership which is not mandatory, and will run you another $97/month. If you decide to join the syndicate, you will be able to resell the $97 package for commissions, and learn the strategies of the leading marketers online.

  • Qualifying for 100% (month one commission) 50% (month two commission)
  • And a 50% matching check bonus on all YOUR direct members.

Take a look at the Pure Leverage backoffice Video
(Sorry Yourube apparently removed the video..why?..Because they can, Funny thing is..they kept a backlink to their site..NOT anymore, I removed that!)

If you would like to learn more about this Pure Leverage program, feel free to add me on Facebook below…Or check out the Pure Leverage System one more time ==> Click Here

Whats Better then Pure Leverage?

Well, if you want to promote 3 programs at once?..PLUS get 25,000 email auto-responder and pay the same amount as someone who joins Pure Leverage the “Normal Way”.. Then this is better, and right now you can use The same BRAND new System called EZ Money Formula that I’m currently using, and get Massive results quick!

Note: (only for those who are serious about making money online, and not fart around)


Dean Goncalves

Dean is a Full-Time marketer who enjoys helping people help themselves. Truth: "Get Rich Quick"..Really Means "Get Poor Fast!" If you want to SERIOUSLY make money online..Read More & LEARN!

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  1. Coach Darren says:

    Dean great info here. I also have the Pure Leverage marketing tools. I think people miss the mark and don’t understand you can use this for any busiiness your in to build and grow that business. Dean you put it all together in this blog post sir. Great video on how this works with empower also. Wishing you the best in all you do!

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Thanks my man…I wasen’t sure what kind of tools I would get with Pure Leverage, but let me just say..They are pretty cool..Pretty much everything you need to succeed in any business. Thanks, and Good luck as well!

  2. Jim says:

    So is this for someone who already has a business,but needs something to get it out there.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      This is for anyone.. if you have a business, or looking to start their own business and make money. When you have zero experience..It helps to have a system that covers 99% of the issues you will encounter. Good luck

  3. Henrik Oelund says:

    Hi Dean
    Thanks for setting me straight 🙂
    BW Henrik

  4. arlen says:

    Hey Dino, wanted to sign up under you in pure leverage / couldnt / I have filled out a couple of P.L.Capture pages before I found you I want to sign up but only if I can sign up under you.
    thanks arlen vernimo

  5. arlen says:

    Hey dino email me and let me know what to do thanks arlen vernimo

  6. Dean Goncalves says:

    Sounds like a Plan Chris..Ill be here my friend..BUT please do jump on this as soon as you can..This is growing leaps and bounds..whoever works hard and gets in early, has a HUGE advantage. Looking forward to you joining my team, and succeeding!

  7. darcel says:

    I don’t have a website yet or even a business. I don’t know the first thing about running an internet business. I am just totally lost. Can you give me some info on what you think I can get into, maybe affiliate programs and which ones you think could help me be successful?

  8. timothy loi says:

    dean im from malaysia i have lot of questions regarding pure leverage if you can give me answers i will join under you

  9. Paul Massey says:

    Not only is Pure Leverage the most complete tool suite I’ve yet seen
    online,the Top Class training via the video conferencing within the
    suite itself is second to none.

    Not only did I join Pure Leverage for the income potential it offers
    through the resell commissions,I plan to market my ASEA business along
    with various other income streams as I build my list through the PL
    tool suite.

    Thanks Dean for your contributions.

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