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Written on:August 20, 2013
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Secret Method Software Scam?

Secret Method Review

Secret Method Scam?

Can you make $5694.80 in a mere 4 days through the Binary options trading? That’s what Lee Walker says you can create with his new Secret Method program and software. As a matter of fact, he believes in his program so much, he will let you have access to his revolutionary software and strategies for 100% FREE!

How much can you really make?

Lee Walker says using his software, $700 a day is just the starting point, and it wont take you longer then 10 minutes to achieve these kind of results (hmmm) As a matter of fact, the more time you spend …say 20 will probably end up doubling your money to a whopping $1400!

He claims that most Binary brokers are scamming investors by tricking YOU (investor) with lies about things like technical issues etc, BUT not to worry, because you will have access to the same honest broker company that he uses. The only thing you will need to do (put credit card away) cause you wont be paying Lee directly, (only through affiliate commissions that Lee will receive from “The Company” NRG Binary, who pays out different commissions (some $200plus) simply by referring YOU (for free) to this reputable broker. Nothing wrong with affiliate marketing (I do it quite successfully) BUT I want you to understand, that while you may make some money with the Secret Method, I want you to understand that Lee is making money as well, BUT through the affiliate marketing model.

20% Profits Goes To GreenPeace.

Lee Walkers method (I think it’s his real name) Is donating 20% of YOUR profits (after you make your first $10,000) using his system and strategies. It sounds fair, use his system , make $10,000 and agree to give back to a charity like GreenPeace ($500). His goal is to raise 1 million dollars by sharing this system with 1000 people.

Does Lee Walker’s Secret Method really FREE & work?

NRG BinaryWhile the system is free, You are required to sign up for an account at NRG Binary with a minimum $200 deposit , before you get access to the software and strategy. Again, how Lee makes money, and is willing to give you his system, is because NRG Binary will be giving him a commission for referring you, and therefore, while system is free from him, it will cost you money to play in this game of Binary Options Trading.

We want our readers to learn the truth about programs and potential profits. This program sounds to unbelievable (100% success guarantee $700 per day minimum) BUT, who knows…Maybe I’m missing out.

If you have bought this program and having success, let us know. Many people want results, without high risk. Is the Secret Method your ticket? Let us know your results by adding a comment below.

If you would like to see the Secret Method video again=>  Click here ( affiliate link, it’s how I make $1000’s online, BUT Don’t buy on my account..Use your own judgment.  🙂

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  1. James says:

    I registered, opened and funded my account at Nrgbinary as stated in Lee Walkers video and two hours have passed with no notification on how or where to go to get my free software. I written several emails to the support address given with no response. This must be a scam.

  2. Tan says:

    I believe it’s fake. He said that he have been using the broker for many years but on the ‘about us’ page, it was founded in 2012.

  3. D.Augustine says:

    Same here. After signing up to redwoodoptions, no software & no response whatsoever!

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