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Written on:November 6, 2013
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Promoting your business on social networks

social media girlSocial media marketing is something you cannot afford to neglect if you are selling products online. Social networks are incredibly popular and provide you with great marketing opportunities if you know how to use these sites smartly.

Start by creating profiles on different sites. Find out which sites your customers are likely to join and spend time on through surveys. Your profiles should be very similar in content and design so that people can easily make the connection. Add links from one profile to the other, and make sure you post links to your site, especially to the page where you are selling your products. Add pictures of your products and videos. Make sure you use SEO related keywords throughout your content: your social network pages might get indexed on search results if they are popular.

Add links to your social network profiles on your site, blog and in your emails. When you interact with a potential customer, let them know you are regularly advertising special discounts on your social networks. People will connect with you on these sites if they feel like they will have access to exclusive content and interesting offers.

There are two kinds of social networking you should be using: promoting your products and creating business connections. You can use sites such as Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with your potential customers and advertise discounts, but you should also think about joining LinkedIn and other professional networks to connect with partners and other business owners. This is a good way to build a network and stay up to date with what other businesses are doing. Remember to keep these two activities separate. Be careful about sharing information with your competitors: it might be in your best interest to block them so they cannot see your list of contact and use it as a lead to advertise their products. Always connect with people you know and trust.

Update your social networks regularly with quality content. Remember that your audience will see your posts among what their friends or other businesses are sharing: you need to grab their attention with a catchphrase, a picture or a video. Encourage people to react on the content you share and to share their own content with you, for instance by organizing contests. When people tag you in a picture on Facebook or mention you in a tweet, their friends will see this post and perhaps follow the link to your profile. Reward your customers for helping you reach out to more people and keep the social network experience as fun as possible with games, interesting content, polls and discussions.

You should be able to develop a great social media marketing campaign if you apply these easy tips. You might not some time to adjust to your audience and to create your network, but your efforts will be rewarded.

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