The 1 Percent Club -Crock Of Crap? James Temple Says No!

Written on:June 26, 2014
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The Only 1 Percent Club Review You Will Need To Read

I know you’re probably tired and desperately seeking answers regarding the newest money making program online called The 1 Percent Club.

I want to tell you a little secret, but my fear is that you are so much in a hurry, you might miss the very intricate details and advice I’m about to give you. So what I decided to do, was make this review about James Temple 1 percent club a little more interesting. You see, I have not yet bought this program, and If you decide to, then I’ll give you a little advice on how to make some money (Not millions) but instead a few extra bucks. You ready?

Once Upon a time…(a story..a fairytale? on)

Mike…. (could be you) Woke up as he normally does every morning, and makes his way to the kitchen to brew himself a fresh cup of coffee. It’s about 7:00 am on Saturday, and as Mike looks down, he sees his trusty old time friend Rusty. This little Terrier has been in Mikes life for a few years now, and as Mike wakes so does Rusty, eagerly awaiting for his master to open the door, so that he may relieve himself.

Mike heads towards the sliding patio door which is just off his kitchen, and Rusty as always..impatiently places his snout at the corner as to say..

“Hurry..Master, I really have to go bad!” lol

When Mike  helps his longtime friend, he makes his way to kitchen receptacle, reaches over, and unplugs his i-phone 4 (newly bought) from it’s overnight charge, and he punches in his security code, (you know the one with the buttons) and then before his very eyes, the day begins.

First stop…email inbox to read anything that may have happened while he was sleeping.


He opens his emails, and he shuffles through them, one of them seems to stand out more so then the rest. The subject line reads. “Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

Mike thinks of himself as a trust worthy, carefree soul, and a very forgiving person, and this particular email looked like someone was desperately seeking forgiveness for some wrong they may have done.

As you can imagine, Mike was disturbed to say the least, and quickly opened the email, to see just what the concern or trouble was. Upon clicking the email, he began to read, and quickly realized.. that it was not a personal email, but one instead from a marketing list he may have joined in the past.

You see…

Mike recently lost his job, or how they put it (downsizing) and after 15 years of dedication, his employer decided to pull the plug on his employment. Mike had a few dollars saved up over the years, but his attempts at finding a new job, have been hard to say the least, and the little money he had saved up, is being quickly eaten up by life expenses (utility,cable,phone bills,etc).

Mike also found landing another job in today’s market extremely difficult. Many times he was turned down because he was over qualified or under qualified, and the sheer amount of people applying for the same job, is unlike anything he’s ever experienced in his previous years of employment. At 48 years of age, its a battle Mike just isn’t willing to fight for anymore.

So… he decided to fuel that Entrepreneurial spirit he’s always had within him, and headed out on a mission to find that perfect work from home opportunity where he could call the shots, and never face that dreaded “Sorry Mike..We’re going to have to let you go” conversation again.

Was it as easy as Mike first thought it might be?

Well, finding people who said they were successfully making money wasn’t an issue, you could find many every time you turned on the computer, the better question would be..Were they legit and really making money. As you probably can guess, most of the time, the answer would be no, and what was quite ironic is that these same people, if they were successful, always had a  “secret method” to share, and that usually would involve placing your name and email in opt in forms.

Which brings us full circle to why Mike was receiving this “marketing email” in his inbox that morning.

Here’s the scoop….

Mikes been searching for the holy grail, for the last few months, and through those months has hit many walls, lost a few dollars, and in the process learned a few things about what NOT to do, but in his frustration and never ceasing to quit attitude, he decided to “click the link” and …we all know what happens when you click the link right? Most of the time, it means spending money..

So where did that click land Mike?

You would be right if you guessed “The 1 percent Club” and if you haven’t yet visited the site I would recommend you do so, and see just what Mike seen for the first time.

It wasn’t new to Mike,he’s seen these flashy type of websites before. and while the message fit perfectly with Mikes desperate situation (fast cash, little work) still reminded him of other offers he’s seen before and actually spent money on.  Secret software’s, exclusive limited time membership, promises of BIG BUCKS all at a push of a button..yada..yada..yada…

Mike gave This James guy the benefit of the doubt, and listened on…(his financial current condition helped as well).

james 1 percent club review

Is This Really James?

While he watched the video, he got more and more excited. All the numbers they were showing on screen, and constant affirmations about how anyone can duplicate these kind of results… and then the big kicker was that it wouldn’t cost him a single dime..Nope.. It was all going to be given to him for FREE. Only thing Mike needed to do was decide to sign up for (free)….Then download  a “unique” push button software, connect it up with a very specific “trustworthy broker”…deposit $250 into the broker account, turn on the software, and then follow its built in algorithm, and make money!

So did Mike Click The 1 Percent Club Buy Button?

Answer… Like so many, NO.. he didn’t.

while it all sounded great, and life saving. He did what most others do, and that’s visit the almighty Google for some in depth analysis and due diligence. So, he headed to Google and typed “1 Percent Club Reviews”..clicked search, and voila, truth revealed itself..or did it?

What Most Of You DON’T know About 1 Percent Club Testimonials and reviews

I know you are probably thinking that just because someone said a product worked or is good, then they are probably telling the truth and then you should go ahead and buy the product because someone told you too. What you might NOT be aware of, is that most of those reviews are “fake.”

Fake reviews from affiliates

Yes…it’s true, the story I described above is true to most people, and might sound familiar to even you (the reader) of this 1 percent club review I just described through the story of Mike. And I wanted to take just a brief moment to highlight something that might end up saving you a ton of dollars in the future, but more importantly could end up making you money in the short term if you listen up.

There is Gold in Them These Hills

Let me ask you a question… If an actual Gold rush rage started somewhere in a town near you, and people started to flock from everywhere seeking their piece of the pie…would you join the rush as well?

Or…would you do what many others did, and actually make a mint in the heat of the craze?

Fact: Most of the people that became wealthy during the gold rush of the late 1800’s, were those that sold Tools, or picks and shovels to the prospectors. So, If I were asked the same question, I would pick a spot, buy a bunch of tools and methods, and books on prospecting, and begin selling them to the ‘eager to learn people’ who were hungry to succeed.

Are you starting to see the real picture here?

Fake reviews, are created by affiliate marketers.

Because they know…You would come visiting, asking specific questions (on Google) and while their tactics aren’t legit, they still convince many who are on the brink of decision to buy!

For every buyer, the product creator pays them an affiliate commission. I know what you are saying…A fee on what?..This product was free…I only had to deposit $250 to use in my broker account.

You are right to a certain degree, but you didn’t realize that the product creator is receiving a commission from the “Broker” every time someone deposits money into it’s account. (pretty nifty hey..)

So…its a circle where our money ends up in multiple pockets, and if you are lucky (more often not) you might win in the game of Binary trading that this platform offers.

So now that you know the Method to the madness..Are you ready to profit with 1 cent Percent Club?

If your answer was yes, then I want you to do as they do, and join in on the game. But don’t be deceptive as most other affiliates. Instead there are two ways to approach this.

  1. Make commissions off of a product you have shown or know from your experience to work
  2. Write or produce a video on why a product does NOT work (real review) and then point others to a product that you are comfortable and stand behind. (my preferred method by the way..because 97% don’t work)

So, you are probably wondering how to go about doing this, and how much you can get paid.

Lets look at the review you are reading right now…Its about the 1 Percent Club program.

  • 1percent club clicksureIt is found on Clicksure marketplace and currently as I write this review, is in 2nd place for overalls sales. (so yes, many are buying it)
  • It will pay out to YOU, $220 CPA (cost per action) in this case,every time someone downloads software, follows steps, and deposits $250 into the Binary Broker’s account, you will make a whopping $220!
  • What you’re going to do, is follow the exact steps any interested person (like yourself) would do, including buying the product.
  • You will be documenting your steps and process (YouTube videos are Great for this) because people listen and trust others..this time you will be the honest affiliate. (very rare in today’s times, so you will have advantage)
  • The next step is that you will place your unique affiliate link (preferably cloaked) under your video or blog post, and then let Google do its magic of ranking you and sending you traffic.
  • The last step almost requires a full post and or lesson, but if you create a video, with the right keyword “1 Percent Club something or other” then your chances will greatly improve in Google’s favor. I didn’t want this post to be a Monster article, but its showing itself to be..(marketing isn’t always simple). You can find free screen capture software like Jing, where you can record screen (viewers love inside info) and or proof of your activity. Be creative, but don’t reveal too much, especially the product creators secrets etc..remember the purpose of this video review is to show the truth on why this program works, or why it doesn’t. If it doesn’t work, I’ll share one that does, where you can make commissions from and still sleep at night with clear conscience.

Anyway…I think you get the picture, and if you rank well, then expect to make money. For an example, there are many blog posts that I write about, blatantly telling people NOT to buy the product, and quite often they disregard my warning and buy it anyway.(odd but profitable) and knowing this, I NOW always make a point to leave an affiliate link directly to the program I’m dissing, just in case, and that common practice pays me well. 🙂

How many blog posts or videos would you create, if you knew they would equal $220-$1000’s per effort ( usually take me 1-4 hours initial effort) and Google helps me with the traffic side.

Enough said…I think a followup post is in order for those of you that will end up following my advice and start selling picks and shovels. So the first step for those of you who are serious and would like to learn is to do step 1.

Buy the product by clicking here

Then…document the process…every detail that someone would like to know before they buy it.(simple)

(followup post coming soon) in meantime, let me know if this has helped you by filling out a review below. As well as sharing this post on Google and Facebook. Thanks!


Dean Goncalves

Dean is a Full-Time marketer who enjoys helping people help themselves. Truth: "Get Rich Quick"..Really Means "Get Poor Fast!" If you want to SERIOUSLY make money online..Read More & LEARN!

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  1. susan says:

    Thanks for the great review; I am very happy I found this. I saw this in my emails and thought to myself –in what subgroup could this email sender be referring to?? I did not buy this and I am very grateful for your candid review.
    I found this

    Philip Williams
    3 weeks ago

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! This is a SCAM and all you will do is lose your money. I bought into the video and deposited my $250.00 and the software does not work. Out of 10 Trades, I have lost 7 trades and won only 3. This is with using their software. You also cannot get ahold of customer service either. They give you a bogus service email and I called the broker to get the correct email which really did me no good. Learn from my experience, don’t buy this or dont buy into SafeMoneyApp. also a scam.

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