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Written on:August 19, 2013
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EVG (The Elevation Group Scam?)

Mike Dillard’s Webinar, and his newest program The Elevation Group, has opened the flood gates of┬ácontroversy. Sometimes even when people have the best of intentions, they end up getting persecuted in the process for attempting to help others escape “poverty” and join the likes of the Ultra rich. BUT most of the time this information and secret investing strategies of the ultra rich is privileged to only the rich..That is until now.

Success Stories with The Elevation Group

Elevation Group Wes BewleyWhile many times people complain and blame others for their lack of success, there are times when people not only read what is being taught, but actually apply and patiently wait for the fruits of their labor to become realized. Here is one such case and story, which was shared with me in a EVG newsletter. Read it, and absorb the fact that anything is possible, and while most will scream out that The Elevation Group is a scam, there are ALSO many who will call it a blessing.

Here is Wes Bewley’s Story.

Dear EVG, I wanted to thank you guys for delivering such an amazing product & service with The Elevation Group and Elevation Income.

My wife and I, along with our 1 year old son, live in Dallas, TX and have a home based business with a team of over 5,000 distributors.

Before I discovered EVG, my financial investments were always in other peoples’ hands. And they were doing a poor job helping us grow our wealth.

“They claimed to be financial experts, but didn’t seem to have two nickels to rub together…”

These financial advisors would shuffle papers, use big words, and tell me to invest in more mutual funds and stocks while they sipped on their third double frappuccino latte — nervously hoping I would agree.

I was sick of dealing with these salesmen dressed in suits. They claimed to be financial experts, but didn’t seem to have two nickels to rub together.

Looking back, that was absolutely absurd. What was I even doing there?

When the market crashed in 2008 and I saw my investments completely tank, I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands and get a new financial education! A friend sent me to EVG and I felt like I was finally getting the answers that I knew were out there.

“…The No-Brainer of the Decade…”

I loved how the lessons were in a simple video and diary format… and the value of your rolodex of experts in specialized fields is the no-brainer of the decade.

After reviewing each lesson I began methodically implementing the ideals and strategies presented. I started by gaining a sizeable position in physical gold and silver. It was nice to understand why I was buying it and you guys did a great job keeping it simple.

We also began our family’s Cash Flow Banking System a couple of years ago and have had several friends that joined EVG start theirs as well. This has given all of us an added level of peace of mind about the future, not to mention the endless ways we can now use that to create even more wealth.

Anyway, wanted to say thank you! I have already referred over 15 friends to EVG and continue to direct more people your way. Anytime someone asks us what mutual funds we’re buying or what investments we’re making, I just smile and say “tell ya what…I’m going to introduce you to some guys I know,” and then I send them to EVG!

EVG has a customer for life in Dallas, TX.

Wes Bewley

Check out The Elevation Group Presentation



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