Video Vantage Review- Devin Zander & His YouTube Software

Written on:February 18, 2014
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Video Vantage Software Good?

Devin Zander Video Vantage Creator

Devin Zander Video Vantage Creator

There has been much hype about Devin Zander’s new YouTube Video software which he is offering to the public for a 62% discount on February 17th,2014. Many have bought Video Vantage upon release, and it’s set to be increased to $67.00 in less then 24 hrs from my writing of this review. Earlier yesterday I sent out an email to my email subscribers telling them about this product. Very few bought (typical..people want change but don’t do anything to achieve it ) …..but I wanted to create a video to prove that I did in fact buy this, and was going to test its worth in the coming months.


Video Vantage Review Video #1

If you would like to get your own copy, click this link now!



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  1. John Oosthuizen says:

    Yeah, well I for one am SUPER disappointed in this software; reason? Google has bow made it almost impossible to rank videos.
    Also disgusted with Zander and his cronies – they refuse to refund, saying you need to give the software a chance.
    No point as google has f-ed it up.

    Shame on you Zander, a supposed “businessman”!!!

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