YouTube Cash Blueprints By Patric Chan and Gerald Soh Good?

Written on:October 28, 2013
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YouTube Cash Blueprints Workable?

YouTube Cash Blueprints

Patric Chan &
Gerald Soh

I know you are visiting this site in hopes that Patric Chan and Gerald Soh’s new program YouTube Cash Blueprints, may be the answer to your marketing online struggles. While there are many make money online programs that simply don’t give you value, but instead take your money, I think that this program YouTube Cash Blueprints, might give you some great resourceful content and information, that will help you towards your goal, of making money online.

Patric Chan and Gerald Soh Legit?

Patric Chan and Gerald Soh are the creators of this program, and while I couldn’t dig up much on Gerald, I did find a bit on Patric Chan. It seems as though he is seasoned marketer, and his programs seem to be current and leading edge strategies, which is important. (staying ahead on current trends is key)

He has also spoken to audiences in 11 countries as an internet marketing authority and have authored several books. His latest physical books was co-authored with Super Star Real estate mogul Robert Allen called “Clicking Cash.” Robert G. Allen is part of  the New York Times best-selling author for a popular book called Multiple Streams of Income.

5 Powerful YouTube business models

The YouTube Cash Blueprints program will reveal 5 Powerful YouTube business Models that very few know about and or do effectively. One such model is for you to have the ability to have your very own Store front business on YouTube. I must admit, I am usually on top of the latest things, but this one I have never heard of. (Sounds Interesting)YouTube Cash Blueprints Review

They go on to talk about the Launch strategy (something I’ve done effectively in past) and while it is effective, I want to stress, that YouTube is owned by Google, and Google is a major search engine that basically carries 80% of all the traffic online. When people do a search, they (Google It)

What few know and understand, and Paul Chan reveals in his program, is that while many people see YouTube as a Video Directory, it is in fact it’s own search engine, and more and more people type in queries directly into the search box, before they even visit Google. Maybe the term “YouTube it” will be even greater in years to come, because like many of us think Visually, we are apt to learn better visually by seeing it done.

Be Careful YouTube is a Bully?

I know it may sound a little harsh, but I can attest from past experience, that Google doesn’t like affiliate marketers because they threaten their profits. Because YouTube is owned by Google, the same holds true. Don’t believe me?

Do a simple search, and you will learn of complete channels getting shut down, for no real good reason. One of them of late, happened because they had the words “Empower Network” in the title. Thousands of accounts, hundreds of thousands of video completely gone overnight, and I mean, for absolutely no reason. I know, because I was one of those victims, and I had over 100 videos on one account, with great content, completely evaporate before my eyes. (by the way it happened previously on another account with over 100 videos,…and that one hurt! )

I just want to warn you of the possible hazard that may occur. And understand going forward, that YouTube owns the platform, and ultimately can do whatever it pleases with your video, on their search engine. So why continue?

YouTube Has A Lot of Traffic

We do it, because once you get good at creating videos, it wont take you long to tap into the existing traffic, or newly created traffic that comes with launch jacking, which the YouTube Cash Blueprints program will explain in great detail.

YouTube Cash Blueprints worth it?

In my opinion, and with the constant changes in Google & Youtube for that matter, I think having an edge and better understanding of how stuff works, will put you at a clear advantage in the marketplace. So If you are interested in learning good tactics and making money online.

You Can Get YouTube Cash Blueprints By Clicking Here

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